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Honestly, if your that good of friends just bring it up sometime when your hanging out. And just tell her you like her. Then hope for the best. :) I dont know about her but i like it when a guy just flat out says it, cause if she feels the same way she'll be wondering if you like her to. trust me.

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Q: How do you have more than a friendship with your friend that's a girl?
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When your friend who is a girl likes you?

A friend that is a girl likes you, then you have to decide if you like her more as a friend too. Taking the relationship to a different level will change things. It may also ruin your friendship.

How do you tell best friend to be girl friend?

Give her hints but if its obvious she wants nothing more than friendship, don't push her or you will lose how close you are.

How do you approach the situation when you and your friend like each other but he has a girlfriend?

Its simple. just talk to your friend about it. if they are your friend then they will understand and you can work somthing out. but what you musn't do it leave it to chance who gets the girl say flipping a coin the other friend will just gte jealous and u will lose your friendship. being a girl i think that friendship is more important and there are plenty more fish in the sea.

How do you make your best friend girl make out with me?

You can not make your best friend, who is a girl, make out with you. You need t find out if she is interested in more than a friendship. If she is, you can start dating and see where things go.

How do you make a girl your best friend?

This isn't something you can force. More to the point, the idea of best friend is problematic. Just be friends with her, and see if the friendship develops.

What if you like your girl friend's friend more than your girl friend?

What the heck??? why would u? first off, do NOT talk to your gf's friend FIRST. tell your girlfriend. she'll probably dumb you. afterword will prove the friendship of your ex gf and her friend .

What to do when your friend is going out with the girl you like?

Be content with "liking" her and don't expect more than that. If you want "love", look for a different girl. A relationship with a girl your friend has been dating would almost surely only create problems for your friendship.

Does your friend want more than friendship?


Your friend and you like the same girl and she likes us both what do you do?

Figure out if the girl would be worth hurting and possibly loosing your friendship with your friend. If possible, see which one of you have the most in common with the girl. Perhaps she would be a better match for one of you more than the other. Also take signals from her, which one of you does she seem to be more friendlier towards. Just weigh your friendship and be fair about your findings no matter how they come out.

How do you get boys to like you more then a friend?

Tell them your interested in more than friendship.

What do you do if a girl flirts with you and your friend and you don't know which one she likes more?

Walk away.She will feel like she is losing you in some way and make it more obvious to you in some way. If your friend likes her more, again-walk away. Don't let a girl come between a good friendship. Let him have her. Also you can ask her if she likes your friend

What should you do if you and a friend both like the same girl?

fight to the death!! Ok I have more then one answer for this You can wait until your friend stops liking that girl so then you can go for her and ask her out. If you are to impatinet and your frined still likes that girl after a while you should find out who the girl likes more if it is you she likes more then maybe you can talk to you friend and ask if that would be ok if you went out with her. BUT you should NEVER let girls ruin your friendship with you guy friends.

What is love to a friend?

well it depends do you love this person as a friend or more than a friend? as a friend -> (loving friendship) more than a friend -> (let then know that you want to be more than friends and that you love them!)

Why would a shy girl tell her friend that she wishes she could talk to you but at the same not want to leave her friend?

She says that because you are her friend and she thinks if she talks to you (more than a friend) y'all friendship would end. Let her know you will always be there for her no matter what. Its the best thing to do.

Does my guy best friend like me because when his friend asked him were we dating he didnt say anything he just put his arm around me and looked at me Does He like more than the friendship we have?

well he might. or he might just be jealous because his friend has a girl but not him.

What does it mean when you dream of a relationship with a friend?

that you want something more than a friendship.

Should you be willing to sacrifice your friendship just for a girl and why?

Never ever leave a friendship for some girl. No matter how "amazing" she is. It is wrong and it will only hurt you. Sure, you really like this girl and such, but a friendship is much MUCH more valuable. Always keep your friends with you.

How do you get a girl FRIEND to like you more than a friend?

Start hanging out with her more but dont be a push over, this will put you in the friend zone, just play it cool act very masculine to show her that you are not just one of her girl friends. Make her laugh. Tell her you think she's beautiful. tell your friend that you want to be more than friends, but if your too afraid that saying something could end your friendship, ask your friend to a movie or something where it's only you two, and your feelings can develop.

Can you care about a good friend and there well being to much that it affects you health like stress and anciety attacks?

Yes you can but if you do, then there is more wrong with the friendship than you can handle. If a friendship is causing stress, it may be time to get out of the friendship or seek professional help for you or your friend.

How do you tell a guy that the girl he likes is not for him?

It's not up to you to decide what is best for your friend. You don't know everything about the girl and it would be up to your friend to decide that. Everyone makes mistakes in life and hopefully learn from those mistakes. The only time you should level with your friend is if this girl is cheating on him and even at that your friend is more than likely not going to believe you and a good friendship could be ruined beyond repair. Live and learn is the motto for your friend.

What if i like a girl but im 11 of age?


Statement problem of online friendship?

ieWho is more important, best friend or boyfriend? why?

How can you get your guy best friend to like you?

tell him you like him and you want more that just a friendship

Your friend you both like the same girl?

If you both like her then the both of you should stay away from her. If either one of you got with her you would end up losing your friendship because of her; friendship is more important than girls. Talk this out with your friend and both of you agree that she is a no go area. Always remember this advice... Bros before Hoes :) There is a female one but its a bit more crude

How do you let a girl down that like you when you not interested in her?

Tell her that you really value her friendship but you see her as more of a friend. Hopefully she wont take it too bad and if you like you can still be good friends