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How do you make virgin sex painless?

I don't think you can!!! It hurts if they are small or large

Do tampaxes hurt?

Sometimes. If sex is painless 4 u then no it won't be. It might for the first time though.

What is the opposite of painless?

The opposite of painless is painful

What is a anagram of painless?

An anagram for painless is spaniels.

What could a painless bump on your back be?

a painless bump

When was Suicide Is Painless created?

Suicide Is Painless was created in 1992.

How can you use painless in a sentence?

"The injection will be absolutely painless, Bill".

When did Painless Parker die?

Painless Parker died in 1951.

When was Painless Parker born?

Painless Parker was born in 1871.

What is the past tense of the word painless?

There is no past tense. For example " it was almost painless" or "it is quite painless" It stays the same in all tenses.

How are chlamydia and gonorrhea diagnosed in males?

Typically, a man gets tested for chlamydia via a painless urine sample. If he's given oral sex or received anal sex, he may get a swab taken from the throat or anus.

Is there a painless poison?

burn the coal in night, is a painless killer (human killer)

What can cause painless small red dots on your penis head?

It is possibly an STD, sexually transmitted disease. Get it checked out by your doctor before having sex again.

What is a good sentence for painless?

I was a bit nervous about donating blood, but the procedure was practically painless.

Give you a sentence using the word painless?

Um...despite the flaws in your general grammar presented, the word painless is an adverb describing that an action was not painful, hard, or trying. So, to give you a sentence using the word painless: "Making toast this morning was rather painless."A boy in my class fell today and i thought it was painless.

What is spelled with the same letters as painless?

The only English language anagram of the word painless is spaniels.

How do males get tested for chlamydia?

Testing for chlamydia in males is usually a painless urine sample. If the male has had receptive oral or anal sex, a swab of these areas may also be done.

What sentence can you use painless?

Example sentence - The dentist said the procedure would be painless but it felt painful to me.

What is the procedure to get painless waxing?


What is the suffix of painless?


What are some painless techniques to remove tattoos?

The most painless way is probably to cover the tattoo with another tattoo.

Whart are painless sores around the inner foreskin?

I've never heard of "painless" sores. Have the doctor check it out.

Where is old painless in fallout 3?

Ol' Painless, the unique hunting rifle, is in the Republic of Dave in the northeast corner of the map. To get Ol' Painless, you have to kill Dave and get 'Dave's Special Key' which will unlock the safe in his office.

What is the painless way to pierce your belly?

Really, unless you are put out or take an anesthetic, there isn't a painless way to pierce your belly.

How can I get eye damage the painless way?

There are plenty of ways to get eye damage that are both painful and painless. You could get a parasite for example.