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How do you heal a canker sore?


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September 06, 2010 9:58PM

I get these all the time and have many remedies that have worked for me.. The simplest on is to just put some ice to numb the or reduce swelling if you have any. I also think mouth wash immensely reduces pain. You can also try a mixture baking powder and salt(2 parts baking powder to 1 part salt) then add some water or mouthwash until it becomes a paste texture. You can then apply this with a cotton swab. This stings for a little but is totally worth it .Let the mixture sit in your mouth for about one minute. Then wash out your mouth thoroughly with water( be sure you do not swallow any of the paste) Try not to eat or drink for about 10 minutes. I have found that that works very well and not only numbs the pain but also put a kind of sealant over the sore to protect it from food or drinks that can be very painful. When you have a canker sore it is important to keep your teeth clean by brushing them at least twice a day. I heard that a wet black tea bag can help soothe the pain. I tried it out but didn't have much success, but you can give it a shot. Sometimes the best cure are the store bought medicines such as Zilactin-B that cover the sore from food drink and make it so it doesn't hurt as much if you bump it with your teeth or tongue.. i found these very effective. There are other medicines such as Ora-gel that simply numb the sore for a short time. If you have reoccurring canker sores it may be because of a B-12 deficiency and you can easily get some vitamin supplements ...I hope this helps:)