How do you heat the gold from computer printed circuit boards?

== == No, you do not 'grind' up the circuit boards containing the gold. You remove the 'ears' and other parts that are plated with gold. You have a few options as to the heating of the gold, which will not be pure and needs to be separated out from the impurities. The best method without producing hazardous waste is with a Shor refiner. They are expensive. There are other 'dry' methods of extracting the gold using various heating methods, some of which are advertised on Ebay. Either way, if you are burning ANY electronic circuit board, you are producing noxious fumes and this needs to be done outdoors, period. As for the power cord being 'worth' more than the gold in the computer, that's just bullcrap. The older 286, 386 and 486 chips, have much more gold plating on them. With gold holding at $900 per oz, I'm thinking of getting into the refining business.