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How do you help a person with Alzheimer's disease?



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The best thing you can do is to be consistent. It helps them if you serve their meals at the same time every day, give meds at the same time, etc. Be very patient with them even if it is the 15th time they have asked you what day it is.

You can also look at alternate communication/memory methods, e.g., the person can use a tape recorder to recall important messages, use a photo book, and take pictures of important events. Using a calendar is also helpful if appropriate, if the person can get into a routine of looking at the calendar daily -- at the same time each morning, e.g., after breakfast -- and looking at what is planned for that day. Each afternoon someone can help plan the following day, etc. A person with Alzheimer's will progressively need a lot of help. While memory is still intact, you can take the patient's help to build a Memory Book of special people, events and places that has been a precious part of the patient's life. You can go through the book together every day. Home care is not always possible as the disease progresses but there are professional in-home care providers that you can turn to, like AmericanOutComes. They provide in-home IVIG treatment for Alzheimer's patients. == == == == == ==