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There isn't much you can do other than encourage them, be there for them when you can, and let them realize that you are their friend unconditionally, and as such you need to encourage them to seek medical help. There are doctors who can determine exactly what the problem is.

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When is it not too late if someone is trying to kill themselves?

while they are stil alive...

Why is it when one person gets depressed the other one gets happy?

just life Answer They are either trying to cheer you up or, for some reason, they like the fact that you are depressed. And yes, there are times when people take pleasure in the fact that someone close to them is depressed. Sad, but true.

What is motivational intensity?

I would think it was someone constantly trying to improve themselves, or others but in an overpowering way.

What are the signs of someone being bullied or trying to kill themselves?

The people are having a lot of stress and are basically emo.

What does it mean when someone calls themselves by their first name?

That he or she speaks in third person. Usually just trying to be cool.

How do flies protect themselves?

Flies protect themselves by flying away when someone or something is trying to kill it. It flies away very quickly with its great sence of eyesight.

What are some sentences for annoyance?

When I am working on a letter it is an annoyance for someone to ask me a question. It is quite an annoyance to have someone I am eating with to watch television while I am trying to have a conversation.

Why did European democracies fail to help Spain?

They were busy trying to get started up themselves. They did not have the time or resources to help out someone else.

To breack the ice?

If you are trying to break the ice with someone, try asking questions. Everyone likes to talk about themselves and their likes and dislikes.

Who from the Peanuts was depressed and trying to find the true meaning of Christmas?

Charlie Brown of course!!

What is a loser?

- Someone who gives up on things too quickly without trying - A follower/wannabe/power - A social outcast Someone that is ignorant and self centered and does not care about anyone but themselves.

When girls introduce themselves first to you does it mean that they like you?

No it doesn't they might be trying to be nice or they could like you but every time someone introduce themselves first to you doesn't mean they like you. GOOD LUCK

What if your charger is not working and when you try other chargers it is still not working?

Then there could be a problem with whatever you are trying to charge, rather than your charger. You might want to take it to someone who can investigate and find out what is wrong.

Why do dogs barke so much?

dogs bark because they are either scared because they don't know someone, or trying to protect themselves and their owner.

Is there a meaning behind paranormal dreams?

sometimes it means that someone close to you died and is trying to talk to you adnsomtimes it just your mind working in strange ways but if your a medium then that means a spirit/ghost is trying to communicate with you

What is a very smart person?

someone who knows and can remember new things easily. not someone who keeps on working all the time he is just a dumb person trying to be clever but never is truly clever

How do you prevent teenage suicide?

Personally, it breaks my heart when kids want to kill themselves because they have so much ahead of them. I think you should talk them through this. I know from personal experience because I have tired to talk to people through this. And to those who think teenagers who are actually depressed are trying to get attention listen up. It really does make me angry when depression is not taken seriously because it can be very dangerous and lead to suicide. Yes, some teenagers will do that to get attention but that does not go to every teenager. Most of the time when someone says they are depressed I can tell they are not trying to get sympathy because they would say stuff like, "I feel suicidal." Yes, you are probably thinking, "How can you tell? You are not a mind reader." You are right. I am not. But when someone is about to kill themselves, I take it very seriously and try to talk them out of it or get them help, even if they were to get mad at me for telling because I will not loose a friend.

What is the meaning of welcome to my life by simple plan?

The song is about someone who is really depressed and no one understands why they feel the way they do. They are sick of everyone trying to tell them they "get it" when they have no idea. The person seems to be trying to call for help while pushing away people who want to blow off how they really feel.

How does depression affect sports performance?

when you are depressed then your performance is very low. All you can think about is the person or thing that made you depressed. Usually when you are depressed you don't do anything but sit at home by yourself. It is very important that you keep trying in life so that you wont be depressed and have to ruin your performance in sports and many other things.

What is eclectic approach in psychology?

possibly trying many different way and or approaches to teach someone to better themselves. to teach them there are other approaches to do the same thing

How can you help your depressed guy friend when he lies and he ignores you?

he's not worth trying to help when he ignores and lies to you

What causes the 1997 Mercury Villager doors to unlock and lock by themselves It happens a lot when someone is trying to open the door how do you fix it?

replace the lock actuator (motor)

What if a person says they love someone but are not in love with the same person?

They are trying to make themselves believe it when they really don't. This person is saying something that they really don't mean.

How do you get someone to cheat on their mate with someone else?

Anyone that has to reduce themselves by trying to get someone to cheat on their mate is extremely immature and vengeful and certainly has no self esteem. If one has high esteem and loves the person but they are with someone else they move on and if they are meant to be with that person it will happen in the future and if it does not happen then it was never meant to be.

How do you get 1 million bear bills in build a bearvile?

By working hard and playing the games. Quit wasting your time trying to cheat, just try for once; someone.