Depression and Bipolar Disorder
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How do you help someone you love who is bipolar and has given up on life?

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March 08, 2007 5:22PM

Anti depressants are helpful, but during this stabilization

period it's important your friend seek psychological advice. There

is a course I took that is excellent and it's "Cognitive Therapy."

This gives you the tools to take problems in your life and see an

easier solution to these problems. It also helps you to relax

because you come to realize you only have a certain amount of

control over certain problems in your life and you deal with them

the best way you can and move on. Bipolar is a difficult disease at

best, but as the other poster said, perhaps they need their

medication adjusted. It's extremely important your friend keeps in

close contact with their doctor. Depressed people find it difficult

to concentrate so talk to your friend and ask he/she would like you

to come on appointments with them. Even if they see their doctor

and your friend gives you permission just tell the doctor you are

there as a second pair of ears. The doctor should understand this

remark. Good luck Marcy A person with Bipolar is going to take

spells that may last for months. During these spells the person may

need an adjustment in medication along with someone to listen and

support They really could use some medical advice Suicide is a very

real problem in Bipolar Good luck I agree with Marcy when she says

to keep in contact with the person's doctor. I suffer from bipolar

depression. Your friend will go back n forth feeling great feeling

depressed. When we do this many people say "just snap outta it"

Don't you think we would if we could? Make sure your friend is

taking her/his medication. That is very important Check on her

often. Let her know you care and you'll always be there for


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