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All you can do is be there for her and try to be the best daughter/son, but you really can't do anything other than try to not add more stress onto her life.

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How do you measure emotional stability have found signs of midlife crisis in?

Instability in one's life is normal for someone going through a midlife crisis. So emotional instability is to be expected. Yet the crisis is necessary, since it's the first step in midlife transition. Without the instability caused by the crisis, the changes necessary for midlife transition would never take place.

How do you stop midlife crisis in men?

For many people, the midlife crisis is the first step in midlife transition. Life changes, such as divorce and change of job/career are common. The answer is it can't be stopped. It is a requirement of the unconscious mind and is intended to force change in the individual's life.

What has the author Maureen Brady written?

Maureen Brady has written: 'Ginger's fire' -- subject(s): Lesbians, Fiction 'Give me your good ear' -- subject(s): Fiction, Mothers and daughters, Family violence, Lesbians, Women 'Mitten im Leben' 'Beyond Survival' 'Midlife' -- subject(s): Devotional calendars, English, Meditations, Menopause, Middle-aged persons, Middle-aged women, Midlife crisis, Prayer-books and devotions, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Menopause, Religious aspects of Midlife crisis, Religious aspects of Twelve-step programs, Twelve-step programs

Proactive crisis management?

Proactive crisis management is when organizations take the first step to take necessary precautions in order to avoid a crisis. However, they also develop a plan for what to do if a crisis does occur. This way they are being proactive in facing crisis situation.

What is the goal of a crisis intervention?

Crisis intervention is a term applied to the actions or goals set in motion by a person's family, friends, and professional supports in any number of volatile situations. The primary goal of crisis intervention (whether it be to combat addiction, to help someone who's depressed, or any other dangerous situation) is preventative in nature. For example, an important first step in crisis prevention for a suicidal person is simply to keep him/her safe and alive. Once danger is averted, then crisis intervention turns toward achieving wellness and continued supports.

In Early Rome what role lasted only until a crisis has passed?

The office of 'dictator' was only instituted in times of national crisis, and even then rarely for more than 6 months. If the crisis had passed earlier, the Dictator was expected to step down again.

How did roosevelt try to solve the banking crisis?

the conservative step of pouring in government aid but preserving private ownership

How did the soviet union react to the Bay of Pigs?

That may well have been the first step to the "Cuban Missile Crisis".

Is pregancy a disability?

NO! it is a step of having a miracle of birth

Do you have to list step children to be excluded in a will?

Not having them in the will is an exclusion.

My four year old daughter's step dad is violent and abusive but do not have any physical evidence that he is we only have her word for it So what advice do you have for me to help me get custody?

Go to a Domestic Violence Crisis Center ASAP and see and advocate. Make a plan with legal & mental health services. They will help.

Step by step process scientist use to help answer questions?

Scientific Method ?

How can we best help you get your job done?

if the supervisor tells me everything step by step

Will bactim help step throat?


How do you help an injured bee?

Step on it!

President Roosevelt handled the banking crisis of 1933 by?

the conservative step of pouring in government aid but preserving private ownership

President Roosevelt handled the banking crisis by?

C- the conservative step of pouring in government aid but preserving private ownership

What did the senate in ancient rome do in time of crisis?

They would elect a dictator that had control of the Romans for 6 months then they had to step down.

Are walgreen's store managers having to step down?


What is hydroxyurea?

Hydroxyurea is a antineoplastic. It stops a step in DNA synthesis and is used as treatment of leukemia, carcinomas, melanoma, and sickle cell crisis.

What important step did the Pilgrims take toward representative government?

the department of the treasury was created in 1789 because of the great depression crisis

Steps to make a pentagonal prism?

i need help making a pentagonal prism step by step

How do you connect ppc to PC internet?

Go to the help menu and follow the step by step directions.

Are there any forums where I can get step by step help with my registry scanning problems?

The people at

What is first step to become a geologist?

Having an interest in landforms and their processes.

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