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How do you help your son get over breaking up with his girlfriend?

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โˆ™ 2007-07-10 22:05:17

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You can't help your son. Breaking-up is like grieving over a loved one that has died. It's a road all of us must go through alone and at our own pace. It strengtens character. I know it hurts you terribly to see your son so heart-broken and miserable, but before you know it he'll meet another nice girl (or get back together with his former girlfriend) and all will be well again. If in doubt think back to the days when you were younger. I know I was very upset when I loved someone that either didn't love me back or broke-up with me or I broke up with him. Tell your son you're there if he ever wants to talk about it. Then wait! That's the hardest thing a parent has to do. Believe me when I say he won't let this girl stop his life from going forward. Give him a chance to go through that grieving process. Good luck Take him away for a weekend or do some things that you havent done before that are removed away from where she could be or they went together. Dont force anyone on him, support him and let him know that you understand that it hurts but this too shall pass.

2007-07-10 22:05:17
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