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u can't hide a pregnant belly byt u can say u gained some weight!!!!!!!

AnswerYou can't, just be happy that you're about to be blessed with a beautiful child!

loose clothes can hide it

You can hide it wearing black clothes. Not just a black jacket over a green shirt - the shirt has to be black. You can also use wraps, shirts with rusching (sp?). Wear V-necks or a skirt or heels or something. Something to draw the eye away from the belly.

AnswerWear black, looser clothes. Don't wear empire waists. A-line skirts help too. Make your accessories, like a necklace, the main part of your outfit. The eye will be drawn up, away from your belly.

Also, jsut try to act normal - make sure your belly doesnt wobble or don'y scaream.

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Q: How do you hide a pregnant belly?
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What clothing is best to hide a big belly?

Harry potters Invisibility cloak. No seriously, you really should tell your friends and family that you are pregnant. If your not pregnant and just obese like me, dont hide your shame, wear the belly proudly.

Can you be pregnant if you have lump in your belly?

You can be pregnant if you have lump in your belly.

How does a pregnant belly work?

There is no such thing as a pregnant belly. Bellies cannot get pregnant and pregnancy involves the womb and not the belly.

Do your belly buttons started going in when you are pregnant how is your belly buttons supposed to look when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant your belly gets bigger,and your belly button just sticks out there.

When will you get a belly when you are pregnant?

When you get pregnant you will gain weight. This weight will give you a large belly. Your belly will increase in size and the skin will stretch. Pretty early actually, especially if you are having twins. Your belly stretches and sags, so you can't move around. You cannot hide a belly - and you often find that you feel clumsy - you can't do up the buttons on your straining blouse...

Where is the bottom of the pregnant belly?

The bottom of pregnant belly is the pubic symphysis.

What kind of maternity bathing suit can I wear to hide my belly?

You can buy a one piece suit that will hide your belly.

Can you suck in your stomach at six months pregnant?

Definitely not. By now your belly is a pretty decent size. Be proud of your belly! If your trying to hide it, that is not a good idea. Deal with it now so that you have some support once the baby arrives.

Could a person be pregnant if there belly button have closed in?

Could a person be pregnant if they have a inner belly button

Is it possible to not have a belly while pregnant?

Not really, eventually it will show, to some degree. Obviously, a woman who's overweight may be able to hide it.

Woman pregnant and her belly buttonpops out is she in labor yes or no?

when a woman pregnant and her belly button pops out does that mean she in labor yes or no

Is it true if you don't say your pregnant then your belly will stay small?

No...being pregnant means your belly will grow with the baby no matter what

How do you use the word belly in a sentence?

I felt the pregnant lady's belly.

How do you hide a belly button piercing?

Take it off.

How do you hide belly fat?

By wearing loose dress

Is it unusual for me as a woman to be thinking about trying to get fat after I have my baby because I love my big pregnant belly?

No, its not. If you like your big pregnant belly so much, then just get pregnant again. Your so silly. Nooo!! I don't want to get pregnant again, I just want the belly!!

Can you still get pregnant with your belly pierced?

Wtf? What kind of question is this? YESS! Do you even know how to get pregnant? Why would you think that something to do with your belly button will stop you from getting pregnant?

How do you tell the difference from a pregnant belly to a fat belly?

Your tummy will have lumps in places if your pregnant it will be same all the way round if your fat

What happens if your belly button is pierced and then you get pregnant?

You can either take out your jewelry, or you can purchase special belly button jewelry for pregnant women, which are simply referred to as pregnancy belly button rings.

Do the girls get there belly if their pregnant?


I am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. Is that normal should I be worried?

i am 5 weeks pregnant and my belly isn't hard. is that normal??

How do you hide your belly piercing from your mom?

don't show her your stomach ?

What does a pregnant lady look like?

bloated belly limping ussally rubing her belly

How do you make youre belly look preggo?

You can not inflate your belly to look pregnant. This is impossible.

Will you be able to feel anything with your hand touching your belly a week after you could possibly be pregnant?

YOu will not feel anything in your belly until you are about 4 months pregnant.

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