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How to get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS

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Q: How do you hit the 2d black box on Super Mario ds 64?
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How do you hit the 2-d black box in Super Mario 64 DS?

you can't hit the box if you could someone would have shown a video.

How do you hit the 2D black box in super Mario 64 ds?

you have to hit the picture of princess peach and then you`ll see the box and aim at it and fire.

Who are the super Mario bros?

They are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario from the hit Nintendo game series Super Mario Bros.

How do you play as metel Mario in Super Smash Bros Melee?

Metal Mario is not playable to transform into a Metal character hit a Metal Box item.

Can you unlock Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS?

yes all you have to do is hit the 2d black box. its real i have waluigi right now. it takes practus. but im not lying. good luck

How do you get golden tanooki suit after beating final boss in super Mario 3D land?

you first have to hit a box that shows you a picture

How do you get ligi on super Mario ds?

You hit "Mario Game", you press L + R + A when you hit your file.

How do you get the big mushroom in Super Mario Brothers?

hit a ? box if youre lucky it may be a big mushroom or you can just get the game guide to find out

How do you hit the power lines in super Mario galaxy Wii?

you cant

How do you use Mario's Pipes on Mario Super Sluggers?

you have to hit the ball in the pipe and it appears on the other pipe.

How do you make the black box in Team Fortress 2?

Direct Hit + Reclaimed Metal = Black Box

How do you turn into Luigi on Super Mario Brothers ds?

On new super Mario you hold down l and r at the same time when you hit the game file

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