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How do you hit the 2d black box on Super Mario ds 64?


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How to get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS

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you have to hit the picture of princess peach and then you`ll see the box and aim at it and fire.

you can't hit the box if you could someone would have shown a video.

hit a ? box or go to the mirror room

They are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario from the hit Nintendo game series Super Mario Bros.

Metal Mario is not playable to transform into a Metal character hit a Metal Box item.

yes all you have to do is hit the 2d black box. its real i have waluigi right now. it takes practus. but im not lying. good luck

You hit "Mario Game", you press L + R + A when you hit your file.

Well you have to get nine lives. Then in that level die eight times then there wiil be a green box hit and luigi does the level for you

hit a ? box if youre lucky it may be a big mushroom or you can just get the game guide to find out

Type "CHEAT" after you hit "START"

Direct Hit + Reclaimed Metal = Black Box

On new super Mario you hold down l and r at the same time when you hit the game file

hit him in the back of the head with goombas

well if you are talking about new super Mario bros, and you want to become smaller, or mini, you have to get a mini mushroom, or get hit by an enemy. super Mario bros original wont let you become small. Hope i helped :)

You hit the block that the shoe goomba is on.

Hit big boo 2 times with Mario and in the mirror with luigi hit him only once.Good luck!

whack it with your umbrella if its a ! box. If not, i don't know

Certain item boxes (the yellow blocks with the ? on it) have power ups inside. When you hit one, a red mushroom will probably pop out of it. If you run over the item, Mario will grow to twice his normal size. If you hit another item box while at this size, a flower will sprout out the top of it. Step on the flower and Mario will have fire powers.

But which Bowser is it?The one on Super Mario 64 DS when you grab his tail by pressing A and throwing him into a spikey thing?Mario party DS when you have to punch him in his gold spot?Or NEW Super Mario BROS when you have to jump over him and hit the big red button or throw lots of fire at him?

You have to fight Bowser 3 times before you can win Super Mario 64. When you get there, you have to hit Bowser 3 times. After you hit him 3 times, you will rescue Princess Peach/Toadstool. When you hit him 2 times, he will transport into a star shaped room, where there, you will have to hit him even harder. After that, collect 150 stars, and defeat Bowser AGAIN, then you will unlock a cannon that is placed in front of the castle. After that....... CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON SUPER MARIO 64!

You hit its large tail. (Shake the wii remote when Mario is at the end of the tail)

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