How do you homeschool?

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You may check your state's laws at Some states are stricter in

requirements than others. You do not necessarily need a college

degree or prior teaching experience.

There are two different homeschooling exemptions, religious and

personal. Each have their own specific requirements as to which

records you keep (for example, you will have to keep track of your

child's immunization record for a personal exemption).

There are several different types of homeschooling, ranging from

eclectic and unschooling to traditional and religion-based. You'll

want to choose based on your own personal beliefs and which method

will work best for your child.

You do not need a lot of money to homeschool your child. You may

get most of your curriculum from your local library. There are

several states that will meet once a month to once a year selling

or giving curriculum away, and of course there is always rummage


You may homeschool your special needs and/or gifted child as

well. You may homeschool even if you are a single parent or you are

in a household with two working adults.

You may find several books on homeschooling different age ranges

or all of them together, homeschooling your special needs/gifted

child, homeschooling as a single parent and other books at your

local library or on the internet.

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