How do you homeschool your 16 year old?

Depends entirly on you. I am a homeschool student myself. My parents are christians and teach me based on a christian education. For that they use Sonlight Corriculum. Their are other programs out their to.

Homeschooling is REALLY easy! All you do is pick a program, order the books, and they will send you a schedule of what do do on what day! I am a 9th grader and I generaly do all my work by myself. That's the great thing about Homeschool, it teaches you to teach yourself. That is a great skill in life. All you would really have to do is ask you child questions about what he learned. This would allow you to make sure he's doing the work and learning from it!

Of course some parents do it all themselves! They go out and look at books, makes their own schedule and buy their own workbooks! But this is entirly unneeded as their are plenty of programs that do all the hard work for you.

As a bit of extra information, when a child first starts at a young age they are taugh by the parent, the parent will simply look at the schedule and read the books assigned at that day. You don't even need an education to do it! You simply read the books and if the child doesn't understand then you change the wording around a bit and help them out. One of the greatest things about home school is it not only benefits the child, but it also benefits you! You learn what your child is learning, so if you didn't get a great education as a child and you homeschool, you'll learn it all again. Only this time it'll be fun with your child! And you'll understand it!

As the child gets older generaly around 6th grade they will start doing stuff by themselves. Slowly they'll take on more and more responsibilities until eventualy you are doing very little with them. This is what you'll do with your 16 year old. He will do most of the work himself. And you'll just ask him prewritten questions about what he learned. You will also do spelling with him to. But that's about it!

For math you can order books like "Teaching Text books" This is a great program that teachs kids through the use of their computer. I am a student that needs to HEAR it in order to learn by it. So this program works great! It shows you on the computer screan for visual learners and has the audio for audiable learners.

So homeschooling is not that hard, it in fact is quit easy! Their are even programs like "South Heights" which pay tutors to teach classes. You pay an amount of money and your child for once a week can go to a "school" to learn with other homeschoolers. That way they are sociable but they don't have school influencing them.