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How do you hook up Samsung to LCD tv?


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How do you hook up a Samsung intercept to lcd tv

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How do you hook up Nintendo wii to a samsung 42" plasma tv

You can purchase a Samsung LCD TV at both Best Buy and Wal Mart. Where to buy it is ultimately up to you. Compare prices to choose where to buy your tv.

Samsung LCD TVs start at around $300 for the 32" models. They go all the way up to around $1,500 for the 65" models. LED and LCD are similar and the main difference is that the LCD can have a ghosting effect.

Yes, it is repairable up to some extent.

There are some scanners that you can hook up to LCD tv's but it all depends on what kind of model and make both the scanner and tv are too see if they are compatible.

yes, you can directly hook up a speaker to your lcd only if you have speakers with built-in amplifire,pioneer has them,they are quit big thoug ,but after i bought my lcd now, i can't find them,luky me lol .

The different screen sizes for a Samsung LCD television go down in size all the way to merely seven inches in length up to over eighty inches in length.

Your lcd can be used as your pc monitor by a simple cable usually DVI to HMDI cable. Many gamers use lcd tvs for better game play. You can also hook your pc up to your LCD tv to play movies and tv shows.

LCD televisions have become the popular choice among consumers shopping for new televisions. As the popularity of LCD televisions continue to increase, consumers are able to find better bargains. LCD televisions provide exceptional picture quality, take up less space, and weigh substantially less than tube televisions. Some consumers choose to mount their LCD televisions on the wall and hook up surround sound to create a theatre-like atmosphere. LCD television also come in high definition, which is arguably the best picture quality available.

No, you can not hook a Nintendo dsi up to a tv.

CRT TVs are different from LCD TVs in the way the picture is build up on the screen. Electrons are being released with highspeed in CRT TVs to build up the picture while in LCD TVs liquid crystals make up the picture.

Based on many user reviews, there are many excellent features and benefits of owning a Samsung LCD TV. Some of them include: great picture quality, energy efficient, excellent sound quality, reduced glare, easy-to-use remote control and easy set up.

no you cant but you can hook up your computer to the tv for tv shows

Yes. As long as there is an output for on than it is possible. What you need to do is have the wires that are blue. Then you hook it up to a laptop or to another electronic and it will then bring up an image on your tv.

get a VCR player and hook up it by the back inputs

Yes you actually can. You can hook up any kind of computer/laptop to t television, if you can buy an adapter cable to hook it up.

Samsung is a highly rated television, it is up there with Panasonic. Those two brands are supposed to be the best when it comes to HD picture. I would always recommend checking the picture of the television before you buy it by looking at the display models.

You can hook up your camcorder to a TV and it will work just fine. The same goes for a computer.

Remove the Dell back cover from LCD TV to expose the Speaker connectorTurn off the power to the LCD TVDisconnect the power cordConnect the speaker wire with the proper "left" and "right" indicationConnect the red wire to the "+" polarityConnect the black wire to the "-" polarityUsing a screwdriver, remove the speaker pedestal screws.Connect the speaker to the LCD TV using the provided speaker mounting bracket (as shown above).Thumb screw the bracket to the back of the LCD TV and the Speaker. NOTICE - Do not connect the thumb screw too tightly as it could cause damage to the speakers and LCD TV.When relocating the LCD TV, do not carry the LCD TV by the speakers as this could potentially damage both the speakers and LCD TV.

You do not receive a receiver to hook up speakers to your tv. An jack that contains the speaker to your TV is all that you need.

Most recent flat screen LCD TV's come with an HDMI cable to ensure the viewer is able to hook up an HDTV cable box or TV attenae. Optional cords such as VGA cables generally cost extra

It is very easy to get a surround sound hook up on the Viewsonic Widescreen TV hook up

yes. hook them up to a/v 1 and a/v 2. in your input menu label the inputs

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