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How do you hook up a CD player in a 1988 Toyota Camry if you do not know what wires go to what?


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2015-07-16 18:58:34
2015-07-16 18:58:34

Usually, the CD player will come with a manual indicating which wire needs to be connected to which. You probably need to buy a wire harness. Come to any store of Circuit City or Fry's Electronic and ask for Toyota Camry 1988 wire harness (about $20). This harness will snap on other end of the connector on your car. The wires on the harness will need to be connected to the CD player. The wire code is standardized. So you can use the instruction on the wire harness to connect to the CD player. Good luck

I had this same problem with the harness not matching a single thing. All foreign in every way possible. you have to compare to the original coming from the stock radio. use that as a a diagram to match the wires.

Just a reminder: If your vehicle is equipped with an airbag be sure to disconnect the negative battery terminal and wait 90 seconds before beginning this installation. If not, you run the danger of inadvertently deploying the airbag or causing the airbag light to come on and stay on (something that usually has to be reset by a Toyota service dept).


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