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How do you hook up a hydraulic log splitter to your 1956 Ford 850 tractor?

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2011-01-09 23:56:49

"PTO,_hydraulics,_or_neither" id="PTO,_hydraulics,_or_neither">PTO,

hydraulics, or neither

The first thing you need to know is whether the tractor has a PTO

(Power Take-Off) or built-in hydraulics. Given the age of the

tractor in question, likely it either has a PTO or neither.

If it has hydraulics, you should be able to attach the splitter.

This may require the purchase and installation of a hydraulic

transfer box. Be wary if you look at doing this

yourself...hyrdaulics are fluids under high pressure and can cause

devastating injuries when they leak.

If the tractor has a PTO, you can get PTO-powered hydraulic

transfer boxes. From what I've seen they can be really


If you have neither, you're likely not going to be able to get

this working.

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