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It is easiest if the gas line and the electrical outlet are already set up in your home. At that point, it is easy to set up the appliance.

When hooking up a new or used gas appliance it is required that you use a new gas line. I always try to use a flexible line and make sure it is extra long so the appliance can be moved in and out. Shut the gas off at the valve and remove old gas line and replace with a new one. They do have different sizes, so you can take the old one to your nearest Home Depot type store to ensure the correct size. They also have the needed fittings to do most jobs,always use thread compound on the joints and check for gas leaks when done with soapy water..Good Luck.

Consult with a legally licensed gas fitter/plumber. If you do it and something goes awry you will not be covered by your home insurance and you really don't want it to happen now do you. Best it be legal and done rite...

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Q: How do you hook up a natural gas appliance?
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The natural gas pipelines run under the house. you can run it from the middle of the house or where the hook up is to the garage for best gas usage.But the line should be outside as much as possible.

How do you hook up a gas line for a natural gas BBQ?

You open the yellow pages and find a licensed gas fitter to do it for you.

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How to hook up natural gas logs in fireplace?

As much as I enjoy "Do it yourself" projects, this is probably not one well suited to that. It will be necessary to run gas lines, and possibly make changes to the draft system on the fireplace. This should be be left to a professional from a gas utility service company, who knows the building codes you must comply with when installing a gas appliance.

How do you hook up the furniture hose to the Hoover carpet shampooer?

Look up the appliance manual online for that model.

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I need to know how to hook up fuel tank the came off a semi truck . i well be installing them on a gas tru ck

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Natural gas is principally:methaneethanepropanewith some heavier hydrocarbons.

Will the delivery of a gas range include hooking it up, or will I need the gas company to do that?

Delivery includes hook up. It did with ours.

What is union gas hook up fee?

The hook up fee for Union Gas varies depending on the type of account you are opening. It also depends on the condition of the hook up location and if any changes or repairs need to be made. Calling for approximate pricing is the best option.

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