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You'll need a VCR that already has a tuner (pref digital tuner in case your without cable) The VCR can select a channel and give an output on its RCA connectors, you can record using the VCR as a tuner. Pete


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Yes you can get both thorugh the company. You are not required to also have cable TV.

A network cable is what is used to connect your television or other electronic device to another electronic device to receive data. The cable cord that is plugged into your television is a network cable.

Internet service is something that would normally not require you to actually have a home phone or cable TV. It would be possible to purchase internet service if you lived in an area that had phone service or cable service available.

Put up your own Antenna if you have a HDTV or subscribe to a Satellite service.

Cable TV service, especially digital cable TV, is as good as satellite TV. The only difference is, cable TV is still there when a storm occurs and won't have to keep searching for a connection like satellite TV is known to do.

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You will need to have the internet thru your cable company but not cable tv service.

Yes, you can get internet service without a phone line. Cable is your best option, as it is inexpensive and reliable. Yes, you can purchase internet service without a telephone line. Telephone companies and cable or satellite television service providers usually offer internet only options.

A cable discrambler helps signal in your tv. Maybe your not getting good service, static in tv ,or not getting the channels you think you deserve for you money. This is where this device come in, it can be bought in markets and many other places.

Do you need the cable? Many people have high monthly bills for their television, phone, and internet, and don't look at cutting cable costs when they look at cutting their budget down. There are many great places where you can get TV service for an affordable price, without paying expensive fees. Before you invest in the first television service that looks good, do your research. Figure out which cable television shows you're likely to watch, and make sure to include them on your television service. Do additional research by reading reviews people have written of their experience using the cable channel. It's easy to find the best television service for you.

Dish TV is a satellite service that is offered for people to watch cable television. It does involve the introduction of some cables to the home but is still considered a satellite service rather than a cable service or an antenna service.

X10 Wireless Cable TV sells their wireless cable service for 69.99. You may be able to find a cheaper service online. Also calling your local Cable provider and asking them if they provide the service.

There are many companies that provide cable television service. Major companies include Comcast, Charter, and Cox.

You can find local cable service providers in the area. TV companies offer high speed internet service and digital phone service. There is also a TV service.

Bundling services does not require that you partake of all the options. Many households today do not have home phone service. You can certainly subscribe to cable TV and Internet access with phone service included.

No, you must have either a satallite or cable service provider in order to utelize a DVR. Hope this helps and good luck!

RCN is the cable service in that area. They have good rates on basic cable service. Dish and Direct TV are also good options as well.

yeah of course if you have a HDMI cable. If you think the PS3 includes something that will allow you to see and hear it without a connection to some device you would be wrong. All Playstation consoles needed to be connected to some form of television like device. Only the portables, PSP and PS Vita, allow you to see and hear without it being cconnected to a TV.

Yes. You just have to hook the machines to your television. No cable service is required.

Hulu offers US viewers the chance to stream TV shows and movies. It enables people without cable to watch the popular TV shows without a subscription.

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An IR Blaster cable is a USB device. It creates a wireless, infrared connection between your cable box and the PC running beyond TV.

Many different techniques are used by cable television companies to provide their customers with this service. There are companies that use a fiberoptic network of a cable. Other companies are turning to satellite technology.

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There are a host of cable TV channels that you can order from. Most cable company's have a portal on there cable service which allow you to order channels and movies directly from your TV.

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