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Well first your gonna need the RCA wire adapters that connects to the back of your stock CD players harness. And another harness for your speakers which also should have a the thin blue wire in the bundle. This blue wire is your remote wire, this gives the signal to the amp to turn on when you turn your vehicle on. Once all harnesses are hooked up correctly make sure you have a ground for the Amp itself. Most cars you just cant ground it anywhere alot of the metal is powder coated paint and isn't the best conducter of electricity. I usually use the seat belt bolts with a 3 1/4 inch ring.

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Q: How do you hook up amp to factory CD player in a 2003 dodge ram?
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First you will need to take out the screw holding the trim aroung the radio. It is located inside the trashbag hook at the bottom of the dash. Then you will need to remove the a/c knobs. The trim will then just pop out, but be careful not to break it and there will be some wiring attached. The radio itself is held in with 4 screws.

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