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I would suggest you try to find the manufacturer of your tachometer on the web and check out their support site and email them if needed for your particuliar vehicle. For instance below is a link to Autometer's Tech Tip web site however unless you own an Autometer Tach this may be useless to you. There are so many different ignition systems today that it would be difficult to explain each. So its best to get the info from the pro's. , EzForJesus


It's really easy. First you need to find wich wire on the tachometer is the coil signal. Take the black wire and put it on the ground of a 9V batterie then try all the other wires on the positive side of the battery until the RPM move. this is your coil wire. Go on the engine compartiment and find the coil. Start the car. Whit a test lamp try all the wire on the coil until you find the one who flash. Plug the coil wire (on the tachometer) on this wire and the black one on a nice ground. Finally plug the other wire(s) to a 12v source who works only with the key at the RUN position. And it's done

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What is RPM Redline for 1997 Toyota Tercel?

When I give mine a good beating, 6200 RPM would be it.

What is a 1991 Toyota tercel redline?

the redline on a tercel 91 fuel-injected model is 5,200 rpm, at 5,800 it will limit,

How do you hook up pro tach RPM gauge on a 1982 Ford F-150 pick up?

need to know how to hook up the wires on the engine on F-150 pick up to make a pro tach rpm gauge work

Toyota Tercel red line?

Easy!! Put it on the neutral position. Press the gaz pedal to the end. When it goes cut off note the RPM. It's the RPM cut off minus 500RPM

Why doesn't my RPM gauge and temp gauge work?

why doesn't my rpm gauge and temp gauge, fuel gauge not work

How do you hook a rpm gauge to a 93 Dodge colt 1.5 with an electronic coil?

this question should be listed under dodge automobiles

How do you fix the RPM gauge on a 94 Acura?

The RPM gauge is connected to the same wiring on as all the lights on the dashboard. A faulty RPM gauge can be replaced but requires removing the whole dash from the vehicle.

Why is your RPM at zero?

Your engine is not running or your "RPM gauge" is broken.

The speedometer and rpm gauge is not working in my 1991 Toyota MR2. How can i fix it or find out what is going on with it?

Sounds like the speedo cable may have snapped www.mr2-ben.co.uk Toyota mr2 mk2 New & Used parts

Why did a 1996 Chrysler cirrus odometer and RPM gauge stop working?

The most common reason for a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus odometer and RPM gauge to stop working is a fuse. If the fuse is removed from the dash and replaced, often times the odometer and RPM gauge will begin working.

The RPM gauge keeps jumping in 2000 Mazda B2500 What is the problem?

If it's just the gauge jumping and there is no actual increase in RPM, then the gauge or the pickup is faulty. If the RPM is actually climbing as you drive, your transmission could be gearing down or your transmission is slipping under load, automatic or standard.

How Do you find out why your RPM gauge works but your speed gauge dont and how do you fix it is it a fuse 1989 Honda accord?

your rpm gauge works off your engin your speed gauge works off the transmission where the cable slides into the transmission tha plastic geer is probably stripped

Why would a RPM Gauge not work on a 1993 Toyota Camry?

Engine speed is sensed via pick-up coils in the distributor. This information is sent to the ECM and used to determine crankshaft position and engine rpm. The fault could be in the cluster / tachometer, distributor, or wiring.

Where is the fuse at on a 1997 Toyota Camry le that works the windows gas gauge speedometer rpm gauge and dash panel?

It is right under the steering wheel under the panel. It's connected right under where the pedals are. It's on the left side connected.

Where is signal for hi RPM gauge for Lancer Ralliart 2004?

The signal for the RPM is given off the ignition module

Name a gauge on your car's dashboard?

1. fuel gauge or gas gauge 2. RPM gauge or tachometer 3. Speedometer or Speed Gauge 4. Oil gauge 5. Odometer 6. Electrical gauge 7. Temperature gauge

What is the idle speed 87 Toyota van?

Manual transmission-700 rpm Auto transmission - 750 rpm

What is the idle of a 5k Toyota engine with aircon on?

Toyota 5K engines idle are: without vaccuum hoses attached but sealed = 750 rpm with attached vaccuum hoses and power steering = 850 rpm with aircon on and power steering attached = 900 rpm actually i run mine 5K toyota at 600 RPM with power steering but without aircon. With aircon on it should be at 800 RPM. or else its gonna be shaking. Ricky Recodo

What causes Dodge ram diesel RPM gauge drop zero?

Check the cable plug and rpm sensor on the harmonic balancer

How do you hook up a RPM gage on a 1989 Honda prelude under the hood?

The tach should have 3 wires a 12v accessory, ground, and rpm wire. The rpm wire is the blue one on the distributor.

How do you fit a rev counter gauage?

If you mean a rpm gage it will hook up to the distributor or coil.

Why does my 95 Cougar's 4.6L oil pressure gauge fluctuate with the throttle?

Your oil pressure goes up with more throttle (higher rpm) and there is less pressure say at idle. Therefore your gauge reading will vary according to the throttle/rpm.

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