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Q: How do you hook up the vacuum lines on your 1985 Ford Mustang LX 4-cylinder non turbo?
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Where do you find a diagram for vacuum lines for a V6 turbo?

If the engine on a 1985 Ford Mustang LX 4-cyl non-turbo can't seem to hold an idle what could be wrong?

you may have a vacuum leak check your vacuum lines. listen for hissing noises

Where are the vacuum lines located on a 1990 Nissan 300zx non-turbo?

You can find complete diagrams at

How do you setup vacuum lines for a turbo for a VP commodore V6?

Either the vacuum lines are factory fitted or in some places of this Earth then Local Police will seize the vehicle

Does anyone have the diagrams for vacuum lines for an 88 supra turbo?

A Chilton's Automotive Repair manual will have a diagram for the vacuum lines for the 1988 Supra Turbo. This is an inexpensive manual when compared to the labor costs. It is about $25 at most automotive parts stores.

Will a350 turbo trans bolt up on a 4cylinder iron duke?


Did ford make turbo engines for mustang GT?

No , not for a Mustang GT which has a V8 engine There were four cylinder Mustang engines that had a turbo version available

How much is a turbo for a 05 mustang gt?

hellion single turbo kit for an 05 mustang gt cost $4,745 at

When at lights in neutral my 1.8 turbo Audi engine stutters and the revs drop why is this?

It is very possible that the Audi has a vacuum leak. Check all of the vacuum lines for any leaks or cracks.

Does a 2010 mustang gt have a turbo?

Not from the factory

Toyota carina turbo diesel car that starts but wont rev .?

If a Carina Turbo will turn over but will not idle there can be an air leak. The vacuum lines should be checked to see if there are any holes.

What is the name of the sensor in front of the turbo with two vacuum lines coming out of it for a 1992 GMC Typhoon with a 3.4 liter V6?

Wastegate solenoid

Do i Mustang gt turbo charge or supercharge?


How do you replace the turbo in a for Mustang?

complicated take it to a shop

How do you set the Timing on a 1990 Mazda 626?

The timing should be at 6 degrees for a non-turbo, with the distributor vacuum lines disconnected and plugged. It will be at 9 degrees for a turbo, with a test connector for idle setting grounded.

What is the main product of Turbo air?

Turbo air's main products are super powered vacuum cleaners. Turbo air's vacuum cleaners are cheap to purchase at local retailers such as Walmart and AAFES.

How is the vacuum on a 89 ramcharger hook up?

Don't understand the question, all vacuum is taken from the intake manifold, what are you looking for. And is this a turbo or a none turbo

How do you make a v6 2010 mustang faster?

Turbo or nitrous.

How do you get vacuum lines attached on right for a 1983 280zx non turbo when you change heater ac control Have a factory manual but diagram is not correct?

Diagram for vacum line / heater lines for 1983 nissan 280z

Can a turbo charger be installed in a 2000 mustang gt?

yes a turbo can be nstalled on any engine if you want to spend the momey

What would a twin turbo Mustang be used for?

A Twin Turbo Mustang would be used for driving. It could be used for racing most likely as well, but the use of a car is quiet obviously driving places.

What is Turbo Boosting?

Turbo Boosting, is when the turbo is flowing enough air that the manifold pressure swing from a vacuum to above atmospheric pressure(boost).

What is the stock rear end gear ratio of my 1979 mustang 2.3 turbo 4 cylinder with a 4 speed manual transmission?

The gear ratio in the 1979 Ford Mustang turbo four is 3.45:1

How can one order the Mustang Turbo Kit?

There are different ways of ordering a Mustang Turbo Kit. You can try stores like Auto Zone to see if they carry them, or you can check online with places like Amazon, or ford.

How do you get a diagram for all the little vacuum lines going to turbos and solenoids without numbered hoses on a twin turbo subaru b4 99?

A vacuum hose diagram, for your Subaru, can be obtained from most Subaru dealerships. The vacuum line diagram can also be obtained from most auto-parts stores.