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How do you hook up vtec?

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Answered 2014-09-18 00:05:19

The VTEC system can not simply be hooked up. It is only found in certain Honda Engines. To install VTEC in a non-VTEC car the engine must be swapped in.

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Will a 1995 Honda Civic Engine fit in a 1998 Honda Civic?

yes it will, but the 95 is obd1 and the 98 is obd2, if you switch the intake manifold and keep the obd2 sensors, you shouldn't get any codes assuming neither engine is vtec, if the 95 is vtec than you just wont use the vtec wires, if the 98 is vtec you will have to hook it up, but the engine will run fine even without the vtec hooked up.

Can you swap a 2.2 non vtec head with a dohc vtec head?

can you swap a 2.2 head for a 2.2 vtec head?Will it match up with the Block?

does this have a vtec engine?

does this have a vtec engine?

On a 1993 Acura integra 1.8 DOHC non vtec you are not getting power to the fuel pump the relay is kicking on and off and the fuel pump is working when you hook it up to a power source?

change your main relay

Is a d16y8 a vtec-e motor?

The d16y8 is a vtec motor, I have no idea what vtec-e is.

Do all vtec accords have 'vtec' on the engine top?

As far as I know yes.

What is faster a k24 or a ls vtec?

LS vTec

How do you hook up a tack?

How do you hook up a tack

How can you hook up Wii if tv doesnt have hook up?

get a VCR player and hook up it by the back inputs

What code p1259 vtec means?

vtec system malfunction

What is the Tagalog for hook up?

Tagalog for hook up: kumunekta

When was Hook Up created?

Hook Up was created in 2004.

Timing marks 2002 Honda v-tech 4cylhow do they line up with the head and crankshaft?

First off, let's talk about what VTEC is NOT. VTEC is NOT "V-tec", "V-TEC", "V-tech", "V-TECH", "VTECH", "V-TEK", "vtech", "vtec", "vortech", "Vtec", or "Vtech". It's CAPITAL VTEC. No dashes, no lower case, no extra letters, no anything other than the correct and only spelling of VTEC. If you cannot respect the technology and simply use the correct spelling, you do not deserve what it gives you.

What parts would you need to make a 1998 acura integra ls in to a ls vtec?

a vtec head, and a vtec enabled computer

Do 91 Honda accord come with vtec?

Yes, Honda came out with the VTEC engine in 1989. Not all 1991s have the VTEC engine.

How much hp does a 98 civic ex vtec 1.6 have?

127, although I think some have the vtec cylinoid but don't have vtec

What is the best vtec engine?

Acura Integra Gsr B18C1 Vtec

Can you hook up a 4.3 transmission hook up to a 2.5 motor?


Did jenni from Jersey Shore hook up with Ronnie?

They did not hook up.

Is the engine in a 99 Civic EX a sohc vtec or just a standard sohc and if it is how can you verify that?

The standard engine in a 1999 Civic EX is a VTEC engine. It should say VTEC on the valve cover. there is an engine code printed on the block itself if it is a sohc vtec it will read "D16Y8" on the block, plus vtec engines have something called a vtec silenoied located near the distributor. Actually the D16Y8 valve cover does not say VTEC on it.

Is this ready for suround sound hook up?

It is very easy to get a surround sound hook up on the Viewsonic Widescreen TV hook up

What is better a red top vtec or a black top vtec?

red top

Does a 2001 civic lx have vtec?

no lx has vtec,,, no the only EX had vtec's

Does the ulev vtec engine has more power than the regular vtec engine?


Can you put a vtec engine on a 2009 Honda Civic?

Your car is VTEC already.