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How do you hook up your TV to your Satellite Dish?


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You will be needing a satellite tv receiver box to get signals from your satellite dish.

A coaxial cable will be connected from your satellite dish and to your satellite receiver box. Once it is connected, an AV cable or HDMI cable will be used to connect the satellite receiver box to your standard tv or HDTV.

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as long as your old tv has an AV (audio/video) input, you can connect the satellite dish in to your old tv. You will be needing a satellite receiver box to get signals from a satellite dish. The satellite dish will be connected to your satellite receiver and the satellite receiver will be connect to you old TV.

Depending on if you have Dish Network Satellite or another provider, visit their website they will have instructions on how to hook up your receiver. Generally, their is a satellite input (coming from the satellite dish) and an output for your TV.

It is unlikely. Most portable televisions do not have the right hook ups to be connected to the equipment.

the simplest way to hook up an old tv to a satellite dish is by using an AV (audio/video) cables. before you hook them both up, check first your old tv if it has an AV input on the back or on the front panel of the old television. you can identify them by checking an input slot which is colored red and black for audio and yellow for video. if your old tv has this input jacks, then your old tv is good to go with a satellite tv.

Digital satellietes transmit your tv stations to your dish network. When you have your dish or satellite tv set up to get digital stations, it transmits back from the satellite to your tv.

Well, a major disadvantage or problem, of using satellite television services, is that whenever inclement weather occurs, a television set that is connected to a receiver that receives its signal from a DirecTV Satellite Television OR Dish Network Satellite Television Satellite Dish, glitches up.

Satellite tv has more channels and can be cheaper in the long run. The only bad side is you'll need someone to hook a dish up for you which can get a little spending. Satellite dishes also can be affected by the weather as well

You can use RCA cables or coax. You will see on the back of your Dish receiver a TV out for either coax or the RCA cables out, then plug the cable into the input of your TV. Be sure to tune your TV to whatever input you choose to view dish satellite programming.

To receive a Satellite signal, you need a LNB which is attached to your satellite dish--The LNB and dish is determined by which satellite TV service you have--either Dish Network or DirecTV. The satellite dish is pointed in a particular direction to pick up the correct satellite orbiting the sky. You will also need a satellite receiver, which is "wired" to the LNB and also is attached to your television.

No you cannot. The receiver decodes the signal coming from the satellite that is unique to DISH Network.

There are a couple places to find a TV guide for those with satellite dishes. If the TV services provided with the satellite dish is Dish Network, a guide can be brought up with the remote that comes with the dish, and the website provides up-to-date information for the TV guide. For other services, their websites are likely the best source of information.

Satellite TV dishes are free if you qualify as a new or qualified former Dish customer. If you want to purchase one I would check online they usually run around 40-80 depending on what type satellite Dish you need. Make sure to get a LNB with your dish as this picks up the satellite TV signals.

Get Dish or Direct TV or a satellite TV service such as Wild Blue, or put up an antenna.

yes, because they are both different services.

Yes. You would need to hook the cable/Satellite box cable up to the computer.

this is not possible with direct tv in an obvious reasons. however, you can do this with dish network. before you connect your vcr to record satellite tv program, check first if your VCR has an HDMI input. if you found an HDMI input slot, then you are good to go. connect your satellite receiver to the HDMI input slot of your vcr then attach the AV cables from your VCR to your television.

Satellite television requires the installation of a satellite dish which receives the television signal from satellites orbiting the earth. Regular television uses antenna to pick up signal from broadcasting towers. Satellite television typically offers more channels and program options than regular television.

It depends on which satellite TV provider you have. If you have Dish satellite, follow these instructions to do a power scan to find your TV remote code: 1) Make sure your TV is powered on 2) Hold down the 'TV' button at the top of your Dish TV remote until all 4 buttons at the top light up 3) Press the large red power button on your Dish TV remote 4) Press the channel up (above the select button) slowly until the television powers off 5) Once your TV turns off, press the pound key '#' (at the bottom of your dish remote)

To control your TV with your Dish Satellite remote, you need to perform a power scan to find your remote code. With your Dish Network remote, follow these steps: 1) Turn on your TV 2) Hold down the 'TV' button at the top of your dish satellite remote (the one that lights up) until all 4 buttons at the top light up 3) Press the large red power button on your Dish remote 4) Press the channel up (on most remotes above the select button in middle) slowly until the TV shuts off 5) Once your Television powers off, press the pound key '#' (at the bottom of your Dish satellite TV remote)

Why would you need to hook up a digital converter to a satellite receiver ? Arn't they already digital ?

Call your Satellite TV provider. If you have satellite receivers, they will likely ask for numbers on the back or bottom of the box; if your satellite receiver is hooked up to your TV, they may be able to talk you through getting the numbers off your television screen providing the receiver is powered on.

Satellite TV dishes are typically round in order to receive signal better. Shapes of satellite dishes can vary based on which satellite provider you have (Dish Network or Directv) and by what LNB (attached to Dish in order to get signal) you have. Generally speaking, the larger the Dish, the more satellites you will be able to pick up--Satellite companies typically pick up more than two orbital locations in order for you to receive your programming.

If you don't know how, read the manaul harder, or hire an electician.

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