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That patent date indicates a J. Stevens product.

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Q: How do you identify a 949 1j patented August 12 1913 shotgun?
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Who manufactured a 12 gauge Riverside Arms Co Chicopee Mass single shot shotgun patented August 12 1913?

Probably Savage

What is the age of a Stevens shotgun mod 211 cal 16 patented in 1913?

If patented in 1913 the shotgun is most likely was made before 1920. There is not really any way to get an accurate date without knowing more about the gun.

Who made the Long Tom shotgun with Patented August 12 1913 stamped on the barrel and no other markings?

That patent date identifies a Stevens single shot.

Your single shot Stevens shot gun has jstevens arms tool co chicopee falls mass usa serial no 564 hg patented August 12 1913 30inch barrel whats it worth rough condition?

i don't know this answer but i have a this exact shotgun that was patented on this exact date that was given to me from my grandpa

How old is a J Stevens Arms Company 410 or 12 m m with patented date August 12 1913?

If you have a single shot shotgun,then it is worth 50 dollars,if you have a double barrel shotgun then the value could be up to 400.00 dollars,depending on the overall condition and the bores are in good shape.

Stevens 12 or 16 ga shotgun The name on the side says J Stevens arms company Also on the top it has patented August 12 1913 Does anybody know how old this shotgun may be?

I'm interested in the same info. I have a 12 guage that only says Long Tom and August 12, 1913. I don't see the "J Stevens" anywhere. Where do you find that? This was my Father's gun that he bought used around 1935. That's all I know about it.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Riverside Arms Co Chicopee Mass single shot shotgun patented August 12 1913?

It would have been made by Stevens/Savage between 1920 and 1948. Might be worth $75 on a good day.

J. Stevens arms company 20 gauge single barrel patented August 1913. 28 inch barrel what is the model?

modle #

You need info on a shotgun single shot 12ga on the top of the barrel it says patented August 12 1913 on the reciver the only thing you can make out is at the end of the stamping MSCO under that it say?

i have a Stevens like the one you speak is what mine is stamped....hope it, patented august 12 1913 right side of receiver trade mark Stevens reg us pat off & fgn Stevens arms company chicopee falls mass. usa left side stamped nitro special.........

Found a single barrel shotgun with the name hsb co with a rooster and inside the rooster it says RUSO and the barrel only says patented August 12 1913 any info will help?

50-100 USD. HSB was a distributor for private label firearms made by many makers.

What are the release dates for The Shotgun Man and the Stage Driver - 1913?

The Shotgun Man and the Stage Driver - 1913 was released on: USA: 9 April 1913

Continental arms company shotgun single break action patent August 12 1913?

my serial#i s 612fb

What if a shotgun has no name and no company name just a date of August 12 1913?

That is the date of a patent owned by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

What is the value of musket rifle unknown mfg Patented August 12 1913?

As you said- unknown. Value of any firearm is based on exact make, model, and condition. You gave us none of the 3.

What are the release dates for Sangue gitano - 1913?

Sangue gitano - 1913 was released on: France: August 1913 Italy: August 1913 UK: September 1913 USA: 18 November 1913

What is the value of a Riverside Arms Co Chicopee Falls Mass 30 inch electro steel choke single barrel patented Aug 12 1913 shotgun in very good to excellent condition?

About $75 to $100, retail.

What are the release dates for The Hat - 1913?

The Hat - 1913 was released on: USA: August 1913

What are the release dates for Arizona - 1913?

Arizona - 1913 was released on: USA: August 1913

When did August Wรผnsche die?

August Wünsche died in 1913.

When did August Witkowski die?

August Witkowski died in 1913.

When did August Klein die?

August Klein died in 1913.

When did August Bebel die?

August Bebel died in 1913.

When was August Raspet born?

August Raspet was born in 1913.

What is value of palmetto arms company single shot 12 gauge breech load patented august 12 1913 with stamp 657 EE on it?

Have the 12 gauge, single shot palmetto arms co., electro steel choke bored, patented august 12 1913. It also has 2 other markings on it, 657 EE on barrell and in the chamber. Then on the small forward snap off stock is also is stamped in the wood 7 B 1, I read that is an indicator as to where and when it was made. What can you tell me about this weapon? Thank you so much for your time, Frank

What are the release dates for Magnets - 1913?

Magnets - 1913 was released on: USA: 14 August 1913

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