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How do you identify an animal bone?

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Is a yellow bone an animal bone?

Every bone comes from an animal

What is a animal with no balk bone?

an animal with no balk bone is caled an invertabrate

What animal bone is in bone china?

Ox bone.

Why can humans not replace their bones with animal bones?

Bone is a living tissue, and animal bone is NOT human bone. The animal bone would be detected as a foreign object and rejected by the body.

Why are animal pelvic bones smaller than humans?

because animal are different from a human HOW?human bone are longer than a animal bone they has lot of bone than an animal

You found an animal print in your yard you cannot identify?

Please identify the animal print

How can i identify an unknown animal bone?

The best option is to ask your veterinarian, who may be able to help narrow down the type of bone and the potential species. If you have a veterinary pathologist in the area, or a veterinary orthopedic specialist, that individual may be able to help as well. Also, zoologists and wildlife biologists often have to identify unknown animal bones, so these individuals may also be able to help.

Is a bone cell in a animal or plant?


What animal has the longest bone?

They animal with the longest bone is the giraffe because of its really long legs

What is a pelvic bone?

the hip bone of a person or animal

Indentify the state animal?

identify the state animal

How do identify the gender of a decomposed skeleton?

The pelvic bone.....

How do you identify and explain animal organelles and their function?

incredible edible animal cell how to identify them and explain the organelles and their function?

Is it human method for bone age can apply to animal bone?


Is an animal bone a mineral?


What you call animal back bone?

the animal would be called a vertebrate, because it has a back bone. If it does not have a back bone then it would be called an invertebrate. But yes the back bone would be called a spine

Identify the structure the occipital bone surrounds?

foramen magnum

What is the animal with only one bone?

squid has only one bone

Do starfish have back bone?

Starfish does not have back bone. It is invertebrate animal.

What part of an animal is most likely to form a fossil?


What animal can identify you by your breath?


Is a newt an invertebrate?

A newt is not an invertebrate because it has a back bone. An invertebrate is a animal without a back bone. A vertebrate is a animal with a back bone. So a newt is a vertebrate.

How do we identify bone china glassware and porcelain glassware?

There is no such thing as "bone china glassware" or indeed "porcelain glassware".

What animal has the biggest bone?


What animal has the largest bone?