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Start the car after it has set overnight. Run for a few minutes while in drive. Shut of and feel the 2 lines. The one that is hot is the inlet.

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Are Honda civics more fuel efficient as manual or automatic?

A manual transmission civic is more fuel efficient than an automatic transmission. That goes for just about any car.

Will a CV shaft from an automatic Honda civic transmission fit a manual transmission Honda civic?

yes it will fit they are all the same size..... from 92-00 civics vx dx hx ex and cx trims use all the same axels be it auto or manual

Is a manual transmission or automatic transmission better in a muscle car?

if u can drive manual do it and if u cant still rock the car in auto but you will be missing out on something really good u really cant get all the power out at the same speed and little civics will beat u up

How do you change a transmission filter for Honda civics IS it necessary take of the transmission?

No you do not have to remove the transmission. On some models you remove the transmission pan. On some years the filter is permanent and does not need changing.

How much horsepower 98 Honda civic ex?

A 106-horsepower 4-cylinder engine powered the CX, DX, and LX, and could be accompanied by either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The HX coupe's engine makes 115 horsepower, driving either a 5-speed or the innovative new CVT (continuously variable) automatic transmission. It operates somewhat like an electrical dimmer, in contrast to a 3-way light switch. EX Civics hold a 127-horsepower engine, with either manual or automatic shift.

How do you say civics in German?

civics = Staatsbürgerkunde

What the difference between civics and ethics?

civics and ethics are deferance or not

What is the similarity between civics and ethics?

what is the similarties between civics and ethics

Where is shift solenoid for Honda civics located?

There are two shift solenoids on the Honda Civic. They are mounted on the side of the transmission that is closest the radiator.

Are civics different from government?

Civics is all about the government.

Who is father of civics?

Aristotle is known as the "father of civics."

What is civics the study of?

Civics is the study of citizenship and government. By that, I mean that civics is the studies of your rights, responsibilities and duties as a citizen. -A

What is a word that starts with E and is a civics word?

Executive power is a civics word. Excise taxes is a civics word.

What kind of fluid for 89 crx manual transmission?

Honda Owners manual for civics, accords, integras, etc- 10w30 conventional oil.

What is the significance of studying Civics?

Civics is the study of citizenship and government.

What is cyber civics?

cyber civics is preventing cyber bullying

When did Ottawa Civics end?

Ottawa Civics ended in 1976.

When was Ottawa Civics created?

Ottawa Civics was created in 1976.

What is civics and ethics?

Civics is aproces of developing a good citizenship.

Who is known as father of civics?

iknow that aristotle is known as the father of civics

Why do you have to take civics to become a lawyer?

You don't have to take civics to become a lawyer.

Why is Civics important to us?

Civics help us to know more about the history.

What is a synonym for the word civics?

civics is the study of theoretical and pratical aspect of citizenship

What is the difference between Political Science and Civics as a course of study?

Civics is a part of political science. The scope of political science is more wider than civics. Civics is the study of citizenship and Political science is the study of states. These two disciplines are closely interconnected. In some countries, Civics is taught as an initials of Political science but in higher stage there is no need to study civics. State without citizen is impossible. so, Civics is the primary or initial study of Political science.

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