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What is difference between natural mineral water and mineral water?

I can give an answer to this question with respect to Sri Lankan regulations. There are two major types of drinking water. 1. Bottled drinking wate (some people call it mineral water) 2. Natural mineral water. 1. Bottled drinking water To produce this water you can treat your water chemically and physically. you can filter, aerate or you can do chemical kind of treatment such as orzonation. Ultra violet purification is also applicable. since orzonation and uv methods are applecable this is not called natural mineral water (Ref. SLS 894). 2. In producing Natural mineral water only allowable treatments are filtration, decantation and aeration only. if you do orzone or UV then it is not natural mineral water. you cant transport water to your facility in truck. filling has to be done in source (Ref. SLS 1038) The regulations identifying natural mineral water and bottled drinking water differ from country to country. above explained is how it is done in Sri Lanka and India. I have heard ( No reference) that in Japan to produce natural minera water they allwo heating, UV and orzonization. this is some thing i have heard only. Although this is not the full answere I think this will be help full for someone looking for an answer. Further inquiries:

When was Tipperary Natural Mineral Water created?

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water was created in 1986.

What is the pH of sparkling natural mineral water?

The pH of mineral water is 6.2

What is the benefits of drinking sparking water?

Improved cardiovascular health has been associated with drinking carbonated mineral water. Some hot springs have bubbly water which people soak in for health purposes. It is important that the sparkling water is natural and not man-made.

How is mineral water collected and produced?

Real mineral water comes from natural springs where the water has high mineral content and is often naturally carbonated. However many springs where the water has high mineral content also have high sulfur content and the bad smell of sulfur, their water is not used. Most commercial mineral water is artificially produced by dissolving a proprietary blend of salts and minerals in ordinary drinking water then adding carbonation.

What is a mineral natural resources?

water is a mineral resource from the top of mountains

How much the normal chlorine in drinking water?

almost zero. here in CH it is ca. 3.3 milligrams per liter. Just read on the bottle of natural (!) mineral water from your region.

Does drinking water get rid of salt?

salt is a needed mineral and drinking too much water can deplete the salts your body needs.

Is mineral water healthier than tap water?

Yes, mineral water means the water is treated with accurate amount of permissible minerals are present in the packaged drinking water.

Is mineral water better than distilled water?

Distilled water is recommended for use in laboratories, cars, special industries; mineral water is recommended for drinking (but with moderation).

Is drinking too much mineral water harmful to your body?


What is an evaporite?

An evaporite is a type of natural mineral or salt. This natural mineral or salt is the product left after a body of water evaporates.

What are the ingredients in sparkling natural mineral water?


Is there drinking water in Morocco?

Yes of course you have drinking water in Morocco! Lots of natural springs wells and rivers.

How does hardness affect the safety of water for drinking?

Hard water is not a health hazard for drinking. However, hard water will affect cleaning and mineral buildup on water fixtures such as sinks and faucets.

What is the most important natural mineral fuel in the world?


Which are the minerals found in the natural mineral water?

found in foods

Which mineral is added to most drinking water in the US to assist in tooth development?


What is the mineral present in drinking water and toothpaste which helps to strengthen teeth enamel?


Why is natural water not considered to be safe for drinking?

Because the polluted air make it harm for drinking for us

In search of the best tasting, pure drinking water?

Who has the best tasting, pure drinking water? I don't like the oily taste of mineral waters, I just want clean, purified water.

True or false color is the best way to identify a mineral?

FALSE!! You identify the mineral by its streak because the color can change and its appearance can also change when in contact with or interacted with water air or other impurities!

Can eating apples replace drinking water?

Dr. F. Banishoraka recons that Apple can not replace water. consumption of 1 apple per day can be good addition to your daily diet , however drinking enough water is the most essential part of any ones daily diet. Choosing what kind of water to drink could be difficult, best choice is purified drinking water( Ro Water), please do not confuse drinking water with mineral water, as drinking 8-10 glasses(amonunt that is needed ) of mineral water instead of drinking water could have many side effects and extremely harmful, specially for Children and preagnent women and elderly.

How do you get drinking water from sea water using natural materials?

What material can be used to filter sea water

Is vitamin water really better for you?

Not necessarily. Healthy eating and mineral water drinking will still provide better nutrients.