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How do you ignore people you dont like besides not talking to them?


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To ignore people means to pay them no attention, so by not talking with them and avoiding them, you are paying them no attention.

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just ignore it...maybe they have no topic to talk to...unless they dont harm u...

talk with her/him and let them know that you dont like them talking about you and if they wont stop just ignore it and dont be their friend anymore, if they do then forgive and forget about it and start being friends again.

It should be I think, if you're talking about coconut MILK, then yes. If your talking about coconut WATER, then no. Although dont take the risk and ignore this answer.

Ignore them back! If you have done something to annoy them, and now regret it, dont bother trying to beg it off them, because soon they'll be back to normal, no one can ignore anyone for a long period of time-people get too annoying! Just dont act too bothered.

they dont mind people they totally ignore us but if we bother them or their chicks they will hurt you badly


ignore it dont worry about it because people hate to be ignored and when they see you dont care they will leave you alone and people who talk down on you is probably jealous or they life is not going right.first you ask what have i done to you for you can talk bad about me?second ignore at the ready they will see that your a good person

It's not polite to ignore someone, tell them politely to leave you alone because you dont like them, dont ignore her because then she will just bother you more to know why you are ignoreing her..

Uhmm. becuase people dont know what there talking about... ((:

maybe ur gay, biosexual, or just dont like the people that hit on you. besides that, i dont know.

besides the fact that you dont get totally raped by one in the game.no.

to be honest i dont think its in there besides 14 people said it wasnt

sometimes they feel that that their friend has 'bagzed' you and that they feel bad if they are with you because her friend has dibs try and fi this by talking to her about it, or just make sure you dont ignore her. Keep trying :)

because people are stupied and dont know what they are talking about

Ignore them and pretend you dont hear them and just pretend they aren't there. Then the people who make fun of other people will know that it doesnt bother you.

SimplySee Anyone Who Likes Twilight And They Start Talking To You About It?Tell Them To Shut Up About It And Have Proper ConversationIf They Continue Give Them The Finger And Leave.

Well you either ignore the crush, or you could try to get his or attention by talking to them and telling them jokes. Then when you build a relationship ask the big question(will you go out with me) if they dont beat you to the punch.

well i dont know of which company you are talking about but i can make people united

Do You? Your not talking to animals, And plus,People dont hatch...But chicks do

Because other people who dont know what you are talking about awnser the o.k

I dont think so.If i was im sure some people wouild be talking about it

you should ignore him too. dont fall for a guy that will ignore you. let him chase after you, dont chase after him

you have to know what your talking about to make any sense in the first placeso if you dont know what you mean then you dont know what you are talking aboutits quite simple :)

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