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How do you increase a voltage regulator from a 6v generator up to 8v to charge an 8v battery?

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2015-07-15 19:48:20
2015-07-15 19:48:20

Without knowing what you have for a regulator, I can't say this will help. I did one last spring for a friend on his old antique boat. It is a 6v system which we changed to 8v (positive ground at that).

This regulator is on a generator, not alternator, probably same as you, basically a small metal box with a relay inside. The premis of this regulator is the spring tension is just so that at about 7.5 to 8 volts, it would trip and disconnect the generator. Simply adjust the tension so it trips at a higher voltage. You will need a very accurate volt meter, preferably digital. Also remember your target isn't actually 8 volts, 10 is probably close enough. 8.8 volts is static charge, I think 9.2 is operating charge so 9.6 or so would be peak voltage under charge (a 12V battery will show 14.4 sitting and about 15 while under charge)..

This worked great for us, doesn't show signs of boiling the battery but does keep it at peak..


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The battery is charged by a generator that runs through a regulator-rectifier. The generator outputs AC voltage and the rectifier converts the voltage to DC. The generator is normally mounted inside the engine on the flywheel.

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By varying the field current. This is what a generator voltage regulator does.

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Assuming you are asking about the voltage regulator, the voltage regulator regulates the voltage being put out by the alternator or generator so not to overcharge or undercharge the battery and maintain the correct voltage for the electrical system. In 1964, the Lincoln voltage regulator was externally mounted. In later years it became integral with the alternator.

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A voltage regulator controls the output voltage of a generator. This ensures only the specified ÊvoltageÊis supplied thus preventing damage to the circuit and other electrical appliances.Ê

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Yes. Everything which has a alternator or generator has to have a voltage regulator to maintain 12 volts.

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