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Google (performance parts for 49cc engine)

Answerturning in the mixture screw will cause a lean burning condition that can severely damage your engine!

if your scooter has a restrictor washer on the variator you can remove it to gain a higher gear and gain some speed, some scooters have a restrictor on the exhaust which can be replaced with a new gasket.

also the CDI has a rev limiter, you can get a performance CDI that will not have the limiter which will give you more power.

you can install a performance variator and get lighter roller weights but going too light will cause major loss of top end speed and too heavy will give you poor acceleration.

a light weight rider can go with 7 or 7.5, a heavy rider would do better with 6 gram roller weights.

installing a big bore kit will require changing the carb jets and using a performance air filter and exhaust otherwise you will not see much of a difference, check your local laws, some states make you get a motorcycle license and register anything over 49CC.

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Q: How do you increase speed and performance of a 49cc motor scooter other than removing the restrictor?
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Will derestriciting a 50cc scooter increase mpg?

No. Removing a restricter on a scooter's carb will make it faster but decrease mpg. If you are talking about a restrictor on the exhaust, then most likely you will increase mpg, but boy is it LOUD.

How can you mod a 50cc petrol scooter to increase speed other than just removing the restrictor?

go to forum, there is a great deal of info from other riders on what works and what dont work on increasing speed. do your homework before you start buying performance parts. go to you will find performance parts here, and you can ensure that they will fit your scooter before purchase. awesome article on making your Chinese scooter go 50mph!

How do you increase speed on 50cc scooter 4 stroke engine?

Take out the top speed restrictor plate. If you don't know how to do it contact a proffesional. where are the restrictor plates located

Where is the speed restrictor on a 49cc x-formula gas scooter 2-stroke?


How much faster does a 50cc scooter go with the restrictor removed?

55-70mph is top speed of the scooter.

How do you take the governor off a Kymco 50 cc scooter?

Removing the governor off a Kymco 50 cc scooter varies based on the type of restrictor it has. Mechanical restrictors require complete removal of the governor while electrical units simply need to be rewired.

How do you remove governor for peace sport scooter?

replace stock CDI with a performance CDI, check variator for a washer behind the outer pulley, check exhaust for a restrictor gasket. most state laws say that a 49cc can not exceed 30mph so do this at your own risk.

How do you make the 150cc scooter faster?

There are performance kits for certain models of scooters on the internet. The quickest and easiest way to improve performance on a scooter is to replace the exhaust system/muffler. A performance muffler will free up air flow allowing your scooter to breathe better and will improve performance as well as gas mileage.

Where is the regulator in a 50cc four stroke scooter?

The regulator/rectifier is usually at the front of the scooter. You should see it after removing the panel with the headlights.

Does the 2008 Honda Metropolitan scooter have a restrict plate?

Yes it does have a restrictor plate and it can be removed with a little effort. go to and search for derestricting and there is a detailed how to guide on how to remove it

Does it cost more to drive a gas scooter or an electric scooter?

There is a big difference in the performance between a gas scooter and an electric scooter. A gas scooter has a lot more power and can reach higher speeds than an electric scooter. That being said, the cost to drive an electric scooter is cheaper than gas.

How do you make a scooter go faster?

buy performance parts like a performance gear sproket, a performance air filter, or a performance exaust system. hope this helps!

Were do you find performance parts for a 46 cc gas scooter?

but if you want to find performance go 2 or hope this helps scooter parts follow the link

Te Gilera Runner is a scooter manufactured by which company?

The Gilera Runner is an Italian scooter that is manufactured by a company called Piaggio. This particular scooter is known for the high performance, unique styling and poor handling.

How do you empty your muffler on 08 Roketa Scooter to make it louder performance?

Well first the two words "performance" and "louder" do not go together. If you make it louder the way you are asking for directions i.e. by removing the baffles. You will lose around 40% - 50% of your performance or power. These bikes rely on compression of the exhaust gasses for about half of the h.p. Try removing the muffler completely and see how it performs, and as per the owner's manual modifying the muffler or running without one, will void your warranty.

How do you increase the performance of your viza v2 gas scooter with out spending any money thanks?

take off the exzost and clean out the air filture put some more air in the tires and clean out the spark plug.

Will removing the governor on a scooter damage it?


How do you take out a restrictor plate from a 49cc gas scooter?

Some are governed by a mechanism in the transmission, a plate inside sometimes can be removed. Many, like the Honda ruckus, are governed by the CDI ignition module. Replace it with a high performance one. The baja SC50 is governed by horsepower it cant go more than 50mph because physical power restricions. Try upgrading to a performance exhaust, cone type air filter and a CR7HIX spark plug set to .40"

Can you put the expensive gas in your gas scooter?

It all depends on the type of scooter you have, but your best bet would be to check your manual and look what octane ratings can be used for your scooter. The premium gas at most American Gas Satations is 93 octane. yes you can run your scooter on the higher octane gas i run my scooter on hygorgenpuroxide the stuff u put in cuts but put more oil in the mix that will give u a realy big kick Running a scooter on higher octane will not increase your performance. Higher octane fuel is normally used in fancy cars because it is less likely to cause backfires because it needs more compression to ignite it.

Why does your scooter keep flooding even though you keep removing the spark plug and drying it and verifying that you have spark?

You have a problem with your carburater.

How do you find a performance exhaust that will fit your Wildfire 49cc scooter?

I am sorry but there are no performance pieps for those scooters that are directly available. Try an Ada s1 or s2. maybe a jetpro

Who discover Justin Bieber and why?

A young manager discovered Justin Bieber named, Scooter Braun. He was discovered because Scooter Braun got his attention on Justin Bieber. He was amazed of Justin Bieber's performance.

Why does the roketa 250cc motor scooter idle ruff and then shuts off?


What year Honda metropolitan had a restriction plate?

The Honda Metropolitan II models are restricted to qualify as a motorized bicycle in various states (not all states). Honda restricted it by use: * Restrictor plate in the intake manifold* * Milder camshaft * Different variator assembly (and weights in some years)* * Ignition (computer/wiring harness) * Carburator throttle slide spring * Needle Jet * There may be restriction in the exhaust (UJM does not believe so) Removing the restrictions will improve acceleration and increase the top speed from 25 mph to close to 40 mph (close to the top speed for the unrestricted Metropolitan, which also has difference final drive gearing). All the parts for unrestricting the Metropolitan II are about several hundred dollars and takes several hours of skilled labor. The parts are for the standard Metropolitan scooter. Search online - Honda Metropolitan restriction. * = Minimum changes for maximum results. Remove the restrictor plate from the intake and change the variator drive plate (and rollers to the green ones) for a quick and easy "fix". A few links: Also - The 2007 and up normal "Met's" also have a restrictor in the intake, altough no where near as restrictive as the version used on the Met II's. Removing it does slight increase performance.

How do you make a 46cc scooter faster?

First if your fat go to the gym, second buy it a performance kit, third go to they have a wide variety of performance parts for scooters, dirtbikes, and minichoppers at low prices. it is a good website to order from i recommend it.if you are talking about a full size scooter you would have to get a CDI that has no rev limiter and remove restrictions in the variator and exhaust.that is how you do it cheaply, of course there are mods available to improve performance.