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Proper maintenance

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Q: How do you increase the life of a car engine?
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What is the life of a car engine?


Can you change your car's MPG?

Yes, you can increase it with tune-ups and by upgrading the engine.

Why does streamlining increase the top speed of a car?

because it makes its easier for the engine to push the car through the air.

Does tuning a car increase its performance?

Yes, tuning a car does increase its performance. By buying parts and tuning a car up, the performance goes up as well. If a person would tune up the engine it would possibly increase the car's horsepower thus increasing its performance.

Why does the car engine temperature increase during idle?

Car engine temp's increase at idle primarily because there is little or no air flowing through the radiator coils to cool the engine coolant. This is partly because the car is not moving, and partly because the cooling fan usually will not activate until a certain temperature is reached.

Can you put a turbocharger on a caperator engine?

yes you can put it when u want to increase the speed of your car

How could a race car driver keep the same engine but increase the acceleration of the car?

A race car driver can keep the same engine but increase the acceleration of the car by making the holes bigger in the carburetor template. This part is also called a restrictor plate because if it has smaller holes, the car cannot go as fast as with larger holes.

What does headers do for your car?

Headers go on either side of you'r engine. They are the first part of you'r car's exhaust system. It can increase horse power, make deeper sounds, increase speed, and let's more clean air into you'r engine.

Does driving with the lights on increase fuel consumption?

(no it uses the energy from the car battery not the energy made by the engine)Yes it does increase consumption because the battery has to be recharged by the power of the engine driving the alternator or the dynamo

What is an air filter replacement good for?

Helps extend life of engine increase fuel economy.

Why diesel engine car is costlier than petrol engine car?

Due to the increase in the compression ratio of a diesel which fires on compression rather than spark, the engine is built much stronger than a petrol engine. It therefore just costs more to manufacture.

Can your car function without a thermostat?

it can start but it won't go far as the engine will "explode" because of the increase of temperature. A thermostat regulates the temperature system of your car.. Usually the engine will run too cold with out a thermostat. That will hurt the efficiency of the engine.

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