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How do you increase the life of a car engine?


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Proper maintenance


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because it makes its easier for the engine to push the car through the air.

Car engine temp's increase at idle primarily because there is little or no air flowing through the radiator coils to cool the engine coolant. This is partly because the car is not moving, and partly because the cooling fan usually will not activate until a certain temperature is reached.

A race car driver can keep the same engine but increase the acceleration of the car by making the holes bigger in the carburetor template. This part is also called a restrictor plate because if it has smaller holes, the car cannot go as fast as with larger holes.

200,000 miles if maintenance is performed regularly and the car is not abused.

yes you can put it when u want to increase the speed of your car

Yes, tuning a car does increase its performance. By buying parts and tuning a car up, the performance goes up as well. If a person would tune up the engine it would possibly increase the car's horsepower thus increasing its performance.

(no it uses the energy from the car battery not the energy made by the engine)Yes it does increase consumption because the battery has to be recharged by the power of the engine driving the alternator or the dynamo

Due to the increase in the compression ratio of a diesel which fires on compression rather than spark, the engine is built much stronger than a petrol engine. It therefore just costs more to manufacture.

it can start but it won't go far as the engine will "explode" because of the increase of temperature. A thermostat regulates the temperature system of your car.. Usually the engine will run too cold with out a thermostat. That will hurt the efficiency of the engine.

Helps extend life of engine increase fuel economy.

The purpose of servicing one's car is to extend the life of mechanical components, to make one's care more reliable, provide greater economy, increase resale value, and ensure that your care is safe and road worthy . A car service includes the engine oil being changed, replacement of the engine oil filter, and a thorough safety check.

because that's all an engine does when you step on the throtle increase your air and furl intake performance parts such as power chips just dump more fuel and air into the engine

Yes. The AC system uses a compressor, which is driven by the engine of the car, and typically will use a few horsepower to drive it. The increased workload on the engine results in lower fuel mileage.

The boost controller is a device in a car which modifies the pressure reaching the wastegate actuator. The boost controller may be manual or electronic and the effect is to increase the energy of the car.

Change the differential gear ratio and/or increase the horse power of the engine.

Exhaust wrap is used to increase the performance of your engine. This wrap can be used both on motorcycle and car engines and has been proven to increase the performance of both.

They do not need turbos. If they did all car engines would have a turbo. Turbo chargers are a cheap way to take a small engine and increase the horsepower. You can take a small engine and increase it's power by simply pumping more air into the combustion chamber along with more fuel. An engine requires an fuel/air mixture of 14 to 1. Adding more fuel will not increase the power unless you can also add more air. You can either increase the size of the engine or increase the flow of air into the engine. This is where the turbo comes in.

Car will not move when in gear. When accelerating, the engine speed jump but the car does't increase speed very quickly.

There are three main areas you should focus on and decide how much you want to do.The intake and exhaust of a car are the easiest components to change and/or improve. They are also the cheapest, but you should expect no more than a 10% increase in power.The mechanical engine parts are where you can get real power. A turbo will get you the biggest power gain, but will reduce engine life and you will have to adapt your cooling system to cope with the high temperatures. Your car's engine management system will have to be remapped and it'll have to go onto a dyno for further tuning. A turbo could give you a power increase of 20%-50%.The electronics in your car (assuming it has fuel injection) can be altered by putting in a "chip". This will remap your engine management system (as above), but your car will also have to go onto a dyno to be tuned. I'm not sure of the power gains.

Headers go on either side of you'r engine. They are the first part of you'r car's exhaust system. It can increase horse power, make deeper sounds, increase speed, and let's more clean air into you'r engine.

That isn't always true. An engine with a larger displacement has an advantage but there are other factors that can increase power in a smaller engine that can out perform a larger engine.

Engine blocks are made out of aluminum to increase the miles per gallon. Car parts of made of steel and alumnium, and also of plastic.

its harmful to the engine, but without it your car could not move as the tires would just spin. can't have one without the other although things can be done to reduce it in the engine and increase it at the tires.

To increase compression. Sleeve valves take a lot of combustion chamber space.

A car engine is a heat engine, but there are various types of heat engines outside the realm of car and truck engines.

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