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You can buy range extenders that work with the wireless router. Bestbuy has some belkin, d-link, netgear and some linksys ones. What I meant was something free. I've heard things like putting a pringles can over the antenna will increase the range. Is that true? If not, are there other things like that that would work? I have tried using cans as improvised "cantennas" over my wireless router's dipole antennas. The signal results were worse than without the cans. A cantenna must be built to the correct dimensions to provide any signal gain, and it replaces the entire antenna. An almost-free solution is to build a parabolic reflector for each of your transmitter's antennas, directing the signal only where it's needed. See The only materials needed are glue, tape, aluminum foil, and light cardstock (a file folder will do). Since the cardstock is "invisible" to your wifi devices, you can tape the left & right edges of the foil to the outside (convex side) of the reflector. When the reflector is bent into a parabola, having the foil on the outside will pull the foil smooth rather than crumpling it. Here's one I designed for specific antennas: A true parabola with the antenna in the correct focal point will precisely direct the radio signals from your wireless device (eg, laptop) to the antenna, and vice versa. A simple reflector such as a can or arbitrarily shaped foil will sometimes cause more interference than signal gain. For those with a Linux-based Linksys router, third-party firmware is available that will allow a capable Linux user to electronically boost the signal strength of the router, but this will not increase the router's ability to receive signals from the client devices it serves. A bi-directional amplifier for the 2.4 GHz frequencies is required to get a signal boost both ways. These amplifiers usually cost as much as the wireless router they boost.

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Q: How do you increase the range of a Wifi transmitter?
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Can you increase your built in wifi range on xbox 360?

No. You will need to increase your router's wifi connection by moving it, make sure to get in the middle of the house for best connection.

How do you increase the Internet signal on your Xbox 360'slim?

Move the device closer to the WiFi transmitter.Adjust the antenna orientation.Upgrade the WiFi transmitter to Wireless-N.Reduce the number of other devices that are using bandwidth on your network.

What is the benefit of using a wifi range extender?

The benefit of using a WiFi range extender is that it extends your WiFi, of course. Instead of just getting the average range with your WiFi, the range extender gives your WiFi a boost and let's you enjoy your WiFi at a longer distance.

What is the range of a standard IEEE wifi repeater?

The range of a standard IEEE WiFi repeater is around 35 meters indoors. However, this depends on a variety of factors, and the newer standards increase this to around 70 meters indoors.

How do you improve wireless power?

You are not alowed to modify the power of your WiFi transmitter (by law) because if you did this you would spoil the WiFi systems of your neibours.

What is the Meaning of turn down ratio on a pressure transmitter?

This is a number that indicates what range the transmitter will work correctly. This will depend on how strong the transmitter is.

How do you get a WiFi connection on a Nintendo ds it say no compatible access point in range?

you dont there no wifi point in range

Why wont your iPhone 3g show any wifi signals?

Wi-Fi 'hot-spots' and the mobile-phone network are entirely separate systems. It may be that you are out of range of the nearest hot-spot transmitter.

What is the operating range for WiFi?

Depends on the WIFI adapter; some range from just a few meters, and some up to 50m.

What Wifi companies provide long range Wifi services in Chicago?

Any company can provide long range Wifi. All you need to do is buy a long range antenna and hook it up to your existing router. These can be found on eBay or amazon.

Why power amplifier used in FM transmitter?

Amplifier is used in an FM transmitter to increase the level of a signal suitable for transmission

What is the WiFi range of an iPad?

I think that depends on the range of the wireless router. If the IPad is within the range of the router it has WiFi if it isn't it doesn't. I don't think that I could be any more blatant.

How do you select the range for the DP level transmitter?

BY Product Specification

What is range of rf transmitter and receiver?

depends on frequency and power

How do you calibrate a temperature transmitter?

One should have a standard certified temperature calibrator system before attempting to calibrate a temp. transmitter. I believe you want to calibrate the temperature sensor connected to a transmitter and to an indicator. There are three things in all. Temp. sensor it could be RTD or TC. Temp transmitter which transmits the sensor input to the indicator on which one can read the temperature. All three can be calibrated separately or together. If together it can be called loop check. Now to calibrate the transmitter know the range the transmitter and the output signal it is designed for. Say it is designed for 4-20 mAmp signal output and the range is 50'C to 200'C. It means the transmitter is supposed to give 4 ma output when it is measuring 50 'C and 20 ma when it is measuring 200 'C and be liner through out the range. Connect the transmitter to standard 4-20 ma meter. connect the standard resistance equivalent of 50'C in steps of 50'C. Measure the map signal with each step of 50'C equivalent of resistance connected. with increase in step the mamp must increase correspondingly linearly upto 200'C on the meter. Repeat the same in decreasing order in steps from 200'c to 50'C and measure the mamp. Adjust the potentiometer if any on the transmitter in case of deviation. Let the transmitter be with in its defined permissible error range while adjusting the transmitter

Can I buy a cable to extend the range of my wireless mouse's transmitter?

There is not a cable that can extend the range of a wireless mouse.

How can I extend your wi-fi network?

1- By installing a WiFi Range Extender 2- By installing an Additional WiFi Router 3- By installing a WiFi Mesh System.

How to increase radar range?

The maximum distance at which a radar set is ordinarily effective in detecting objects can be increase by lowering the pulse frequency, raising the peak power of the transmitter, narrow the beam with and increasing the pulse duration

Will a wifi adapter increase my ps4's wireless internet speed?

Wifi power line adapter is a much better connection than wireless to increase the speed of ps4.

How can you increase the range of a walkie talkie?

One way to increase the range of a walkie talkie is to increase the elevation of the set. Climbing a tree or a hill can increase the range significantly.

Where can I buy a wifi range extender in New York?

You can buy a wifi range extender in New York by checking out BJs, best buys or staple. Or you can check out online for discounts.

How do you increase the range on a RC helicopter?

i have no idea but i took apart my old wireless lan and took out its transmitter and attached it to my areial in, fortunately it worked and it incresed my range by about 400m,wow,i know,im a genius,and im only 13,lol, no joke actual

What is the transmitting range of 10kw FM transmitter?

As FM is transmitted using VHF, the transmitting range is more a matter of Line of Sight than transmitter power as these frequencies only follow straight lines.

Can i make my internet faster?

Try and get a new internet provider or get into better wifi range. By doing this you will be able to increase your internet speed and will me able to browse the web much faster.

Does an IPad require a SIM card to operate?

No. There's an iPad WiFi and an iPad WiFi + Cellular. The iPad WiFi will only be able to access the internet when you're within range of a WiFi network. The iPad WiFi + Cellular is able to access the internet within range of WiFi and on a 3G network. To access the 3G network you will however have to use an active simcard.