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by best food ,specially vitamins

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What is the quantity of sperm-fluid required to make a women pregnant?

I will to know the quantity of sperm required to preg a woman

Does hand practice reduce sperm quantity?


What is important in a sperm?

Quality , Quantity and Motility

Less sperm can get pregnant?

its more the quality of the sperm rather than if the lesser quantity have gud quality sperms it can make you pregnant.

While man mastrubates.does his sperm quantity reduses in the body?

Yes and no. After ejaculating there will be less sperm, and it will take the body some time to produce more. But after a few days the quantity will be restored again.

What fruits make sperm quality an quantity high?


What increase the sperm quantity?

I think by eating helthy food. Will help you out

The Solubility of KCLO3s in water increases as the?


What quantity of semen is required to get a girl pregnant?

One single, microscopic sperm cell.

How do they check if your sperm is fertile?

They use a microscope to observe the motile (active) sperm within a certain area. They also check the quantity and look for abnormalities.

If sperm of very little quantity enters is it possible to bacome pregnant?

Its possible. Not likely however.

How do you increse big cock?

There is no way to make it bigger. Get used to what you have.

Why is being organized good?

because the quality of your sleep will increse

What was the purpose of silver revolution in India?

To increse the production of eggs.

How old is a dog when they stop producing sperm?

Like most mammals, dogs do not usually completing stop producing sperm unless the dog's testicles have been removed. However, as they age, the quality and quantity of sperm generally decreases.

What is the characteristic of healthy sperm cell?

There are three main elements which determine the health of sperm cells: sperm quantity, sperm quality and sperm motility.Sperm Quantity - the number sperm cells present in one milliliter of semen. In healthy semen, an analysis would show tens of millions of sperm cells in just one milliliter. In one ejaculation, a man releases millions of sperm cells into his partner's body, but only 200 of these reach the fallopian tubes, where the egg is waiting for them, and only one of these 200 actually fertilizes the egg.Sperm Quality - the quality of sperm may be almost as important as the quantity. It's very important for sperm cells to have a healthy structure and shape. A good-quality sperm cell has an oval head and a long tail which it uses to swim. If a man's semen contains a lot of sperm cells which have misshapen heads and tails, he is less likely to be able to fertilize his partner's egg. A semen analysis will check how many sperm cells in a semen sample have a healthy shape and structure.Sperm Motility - this is basically the sperm cells' ability to swim forwards. After ejaculation, sperm cells need to be able to swim to the egg in the fallopian tube. The semen analysis will show how many sperm cells in a semen sample have the ability to swim forward and wriggle around.

What is the maximum temperature of steam?

with the pressure we can increse it to 270 deg centigrade

How would bimetallism benefit farmers?

It would increse the money supply.

Explain why stomach cells have a large quantity of ribosomes and Golgi apparatus?

Because the sperm needs to be digested easier.

How do you produce large amount of sperm?

It's genetics mostly but keeping a good diet and not smoking or drinking too much can help increase your sperm count as of a large quantity of sperm try not realising it alot and when you finally do they're will be a large amount

Does yoga helps to grow taller?

yes,yoga helps to increse height.

At what age man sperm stops producing?

In general men keep producing sperm from puberty right on until they die. As they get older the quality and quantity may decline but sperm will continue to be produced, unless they suffer damage to their testes through either disease or injury.

Can a male still produce sperm after getting chlamydia?

Males can still produce sperm after getting chlamydia. If chlamydia causes scarring in the male reproductive tract, it's possible that sperm count will be decreased due to the blockage. In addition, men who get chlamydia infection in the testes may experience a decrease in sperm quality and quantity that gradually resolves after treatment. But sperm production continues.

How often can you be a sperm donor?

There is no legal or fixed time duration defined between to successive sperm donations. There are screening parameters which sperm bank will check before taking the donation. If one passes in these parameters of quantity and sperm count then one can donate sperms at different banks as same bank will not accept repeat donation.

Why does sperm not act as an antigen in the female body?

It is because the reproductive tract of female body is covered by a sac where immune cells are very less i.e in negligible quantity so sperm is not recognise as a foreign antigen.