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Plug in the disk you want to initialise In Windows XP/Vista: Go to Start>Run (the search box in Vista).

Type 'mmc' (without quotes).

The Microsoft Management console will appear.

Press Ctrl+M. Select the Disk Management icon from the list on the left, click 'Add>', then 'OK'.

Right click on the disk you want to initialise and select 'Initialise' from the menu.

Follow the prompts.

If unsure, go with the default values.

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Do you have to format the external hard disk before you use?

yes because in you do not format the external hard disk you can wipe it clean so if will never work again.

Do you have to remove external hard disk each time you turn off your laptop?

No, you will not have to remove an external hard disk each time you turn your laptop off.

How do you format a not recognize external hard disk?

If the computer cannot recognize an external hard disk, it would be virtually impossible to format it. There must be a problem with the hard disk. Consider replacing it or taking it ti where you bought it.

If you format your external hard disk do you lose all the data?

Yes, Format is a term for "clear out"

How do you clean my laptop from unwanted software?

Format it or use disk wipe utility

Is it possible for me to get my sims 2 CD onto my laptop that doesn't have a disk drive?

Yes it is possible... If the laptop has a usb drive you could copy all of the files on to a usb and then run it of of that. or If the computer has a external disk/cd drive (it probably does) then you could attach a external disk drive and play it from there.

How do you burn a CD if you cant put a CD in your laptop?

Buy an optical external disk drive.

What is the largest size available for external hard disk drives?

External hard disk drives are available in a range of sizes, the biggest of which is 1.5TB. One has to make sure however that the USB port on the computer or laptop is able to support the hard disk drive.

How to Format the hard disk in msdos?

format disk /parameter Example: format c: /s will format disk C and make it a system drive.

How do you put a disk in a small laptop notebook?

You should get external usb dvd combo (15-30$ on

You spilled pop on your laptop and now the only thing you could get out was your hard drive is there anyway for you to get the files off without getting a new laptop?

Yes. You can get an external hard drive case and put the hard drive in that to convert it to an external USB hard disk.Your laptop would have had a 2.5 inch hard disk. Make sure you find an external hard drive case which accepts laptop-sized 2.5 inch hard disk. Also you must keep in mind what type of interface your hard disk uses. If it is SATA, you will need a case which supports it, as opposed to regular ATA-100 (now being called PATA).Put your laptop's old hard disk into that external hard drive case & bingo, its now an external USB disk that you can plug into any computer! Another answer Alternatively, you can purchase a USB to IDE cable and temporarily connect the drive to a desktop computer to retrieve your files.

What is s switch used for in format disk?

The "-s" switch in the format command is used to format the disk so that it is a "system" disk. In other words, it makes it a "bootable" disk.

How do you format a Western Digital External Hard Drive for Mac?

Use Disk Utility and Erase the disk.This also allows selection of formats other than the standard HFS+ Journaled formatting.Disk Utility can also Partition the disk, if you want to do that.

I have purchased a new External hard disk but it is not detecting by disk management. solution?

I had the same problem. I took the external hard drive to the place I bought and the tech guy did something I did not do. While the Computer Management console open and Disk Management selected and visible on scrreen he unplugged and plugged the USB, and the external hard drive appeared, then. I don't exactly remember whether the hard drive appeared in the white pane or the gray pane first. Also, once the hard drive appeard in one of the panes I believe you need to right click and click on either "initialize disk" or "start disk" and then you can format it. So, I had the same problem and the tech guy in the shop corrected as I explained. I hope it works for you, as well.

How do you format a mac external hard drive to be compatible with windows7 without erasing the disk and without a mac?

If it's not formatted FAT32 already, you will have to format it to FAT32 which erases the data on the drive.

How do you format a system disk?

Need bootable disc in order to format the system disk.

How do you format a external hard drive for a mac?

Open Disk Utility in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder. Select the external disc in the left hand pane and the formatting options on the right. If the external drive is only for use with the Mac select the default Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format.

Can you use an external hard drive for a laptop?

Yes you can use an external hard drive on a laptop. The only issue i can see arising is if you have an external hard drive which draws power from the USB system. Many of the smaller external hard drives either draw power solely from the USB connection, or can use an AC adapter plugged into a wall socket. When using external drives with your laptop, you should always use the AC adapter. Laptop power supplies are designed to power the laptop and very little else, the external hard disk, if its drawing power only from USB, may over-tax the laptops power supply which could lead to system instability. So, long story short, as long as your external hard disk plugs into the wall for power, it should be fine. If not, it might work & it might not.

How can you play the Sims 3 with disc but no disc tray on laptop?

if your laptop does not have anyplace to put the CD, then you have to buy an external drive for it. so basically an attachable disk drive in order to play the game.

What external disk drive to get that will play Sims 3?

There are a few different external disk drives you can get that will play Sims 3. You can try getting the 250g external disk drive.

How can you see your files on floppy disk when you are asked to format the disk?

When prompted to format the floppy disk, click NO. Especially if the disk has files that you wish to access. Formatting the disk erases EVERYTHING on the disk and starts the disk anew.

How do you Format a Hard Drive With Windows95?

start > programs > dosprompt DOS PROMPT | -- X C:\WINDOWS>format (disk to format) or my computer> (select disk to format) > file> format

What DOS command will format a floppy disk?

format A

Can you use a PC hard drive on a laptop?

you can use it in an external enclosure that connects to the laptop using either USB, firewire, etc. However, you will never have enough room to install a genuine hard disk inside a decent laptop case.

How do you make an external hard drive show up on Linux?

If the disk is already formatted, the disk will appear in most file managers (such as Nautilus or Dolphin). If the disk is not formatted, you'll have to use a partitioning tool like GParted to format it. Root privileges are necessary to format and mount it (unless the device is specified as user-mountable in /etc/fstab).