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How do you input the radio code in a Renault megane 2005?



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i know how to get the numbers up but cant enter them myself !!!

on the stearing column there is a radio lever, with three buttons the centre button is a mute button , pull this towards you until the display flashes, then move the dial underneath to adjust the numbers on the display, when you have a correct number pull the mute button again and it will go to the next number, anso on , until you have all four numbers . this is as far as i have got , i am un able to enter these numbers , i imagine that if they are the correct code , the radio should come on !!!!!, again but not sure!!

I tried the above but it didn't work. This is what I did. Once the radio asks for the code, press pre select button 1 until you get the required digit, then press pre select button 2, 3 & 4 until you get the correct digit for each. After entering the forth digit press the preselect button 6 to store the code. This worked for me hope it helps, good luck