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right click on the mouse.

Select insert.

click row.

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Click where you want to insert a new row, then right click and click on insert and pick entire row, click ok.

There are several ways; here is my favorite: Right-click on the row selector on the left, then select the option "Insert".

Right click where you want to insert and an Insert option appears.

If you select multiple rows, you can insert the same amount of new rows in the same ways as you would insert a single row.

right-click | insert | entire row

make right mouse click on the rigt side of a row or top of acolumn and select Insert.

Go to the top tool bar where it says insert, click on it and select rows. it will insert a row above the row you have highlighted.

Use the insert a row above or below tab.

If you select more than one row and then insert, Excel inserts the amount of rows selected. So the first thing to do is to select 20 rows. Then you can insert rows and it will put in 20 new rows for you.

If you insert a new row above B1, the cell contents will move to B2 in the second row. If you insert a new row below B1, the cell contents will not move.

You can insert rows above or below the selected row. You select what you would like to do on the insert worksheet rows menu.

Yes. Excel is very flexible, as are all spreadsheets, so you can easily insert new rows and columns when data has already been entered. You just need to select the row you want the new row to be in. The content of that row will be pushed down into the next row and a new blank row will be inserted. You can also select multiple rows and insert them.

You can insert column H in the table by selecting the Resize Table button You can insert a total row from which you can access common Excel functions You can remove row 3 from the table by clearing the Header Row checkbox

To insert a column in Excel you click on the letter of the column to the right of where you would like a new column inserted. When you do that you have highlighted the entire column. Once that is done you simply right click and a menu will pop up. Choose 'insert column' and then you are done. To insert a row you follow the exact same instructions except you click on the number of the row that is below the area in which you need a new row.

Select row 4 first. Then insert a new row, using the insert option on the cells group on the Home tab. The current row 4 will be pushed down to become row 5 and you will have a new blank row 4. Row 3 will be as it was.

Insert command which u get wen u right click in excel shift have options like u can add rows,columns,shift cells right and shift cells down but in row command on insert menu will allow u to insert one row.

Go to the cell where you want to enter zero and type "0" in the cell.

Right-Click on a tab at the bottom of the workbook and insert new sheet.

You can do it through the Insert menu or you can right click on any tab and insert a new worksheet.

I do not understand what you are asking, but here is a possible response.If you want to insert multiple rows in an Excel workbook, click on the row number after which you would like to insert the blank rows. Then, click and hold to drag down the number of rows you want and insert blank rows.EXAMPLE: You want to add three blank rows between rows 5 and 6.Click on the number five (row header) to the left of row five.Hold down the mouse key and highlight rows 6 through 8 (that will highlight three rows).Go to the section in your version of Excel that inserts rows (in Excel 2007, that is the Home tab, Cells section, Insert -- click on insert cells).Observe that you have inserted three blank cells in your workbook. The old row 6 is now row 9.

Insert command which u get wen u right click in excel shift have options like u can add rows,columns,shift cells right and shift cells down but in row command on insert menu will allow u to insert one row.

Yes you can. The F4 key can repeat the last command that a user has done, so if that was to insert a row, then selecting another row and pressing F4 would insert a new row.