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How do you insert an intravenous needle?


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  1. Find a vein.
  2. Swab the area with disinfectant.
  3. Consider tying a light, easily removed tourniquet proximal to the point of insertion, in order to raise the vein.
  4. Attach needle to source. Remove cap and flush needle to remove air.
  5. Using the sharp side of the needpoint in closest contact with the vein, insert needlle into vein, far enough to completely enter the vein but not so far as to puncture the opposite wall of the vein. Insert at about a 30 degree angle or less.
  6. Watch for veinous blood (dark red or purple) to register in the IV or syringe, to ensure the needle in is the vein. In an IV rig, blood pressure should be sufficient. With a syringe, you may need to draw up on the plunger a little. No blood means you're not in the vein -- start again.
  7. Remove tourniquet
  8. Start IV.
  9. Observe for adverse reactions.
  10. If the needles doesn't remain in place, dispose of as sharps.