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Adobe Reader is used to read PDFs only. In order to create or edit a PDF file, you need Adobe Acrobat.

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Q: How do you insert text into a PDF file using Adobe reader 9?
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Why won't Adobe Reader 9 open at all?

I tried to open a file using Adobe Reader 9 from an email and it wouldn't work. I thought that saving the file and then opening it from Adobe Reader might work so I saved the file. I tried to open Adobe reader but it would not open at all. I then tried to reinstall adobe reader but it would not install on my computer... HELP!

Which file is read by Adobe reader?


Can you print a pdf using adobe reader 9 - I need to print something and it says I need adobe acrobat 4 but I have adobe reader 9 - is that just as good?

Yes, in most cases you can print .PDF files using Adobe Reader 9. Adobe Acrobat 4 is simply the earliest version that you can use to print the .PDF file. Since Adobe Reader 9 was released much later than Acrobat 4, there should be no problem printing that file. If you cannot print the .PDF file it's possible that there is a security restriction on the file that will not allow you to print it. You may need to check the security settings on the file inside the Acrobat Reader application to find out if the security allows printing.

What Is the file extension that indicates the file can be viewed with Adobe Reader?


What is the file extension for adobe acrobat reader?


Which is best to view a pd file utility adobe reader or adobe Photoshop?

reader. unless you mean psd, which is photoshop.

How do you install adobe reader?

Download Adobe Acrobat reader from Run the downlaoded file. Follow the on screen instructions while setup. Your Adobe acrobat reader is ready to use.

Can Adobe Reader open a PDF file from another program that is password protected if the password is known?

As long as the file conforms with industry standards, Adobe Reader will be able to open a password protected file if you provide the password. In cases where the PDF is not compliant, Adobe Reader may be unable to open the file at all.

What is portable document file?

A computer file with the ending .pdf - you open it with adobe reader or adobe acrobat. The file can contain a document or pictures

What is adobe reader 8?

Adobe Reader was created so users can view, print and collaborate on PDF files or file extensions.

How do you open a PDF file?

Download and install Adobe Reader.

Free software to unlock pdf file?

Adobe Reader?

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