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How do you install Microsoft Office on Linux?


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You can not install Microsoft office directly on Linux.

However there is a software called called crossover office which lets you run Microsoft office applications on Linux.

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You can install and run Microsoft Office in Linux, yes. You will need to install it separately, however; you can't just run the programs off your Windowspartition in Linux.

Not natively. Several products exist for running Microsoft Office on Linux, including Wine, Crossover Office, and Cedega.

Yes, Microsoft Word work on Linux. Linux users can use LibreOffice, Google Docs, and even Microsoft's Office Web Apps. Luckily, there are ways to run Microsoft Office on Linux.

You have to pay for Microsoft Office before you install it.

It is not possible to do that. You need the installation disks to install Microsoft Office.

yes. you can install microsoft office in netbook

Microsoft Office can be installed on both Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. Microsoft Office 2013 will not install on Windows XP.

The most commonly used office suite for Linux is OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Other alternatives, such as KOffice also exist.

# Install Microsoft Office (assuming this isn't already done); # Go to the 'Start' menu; # Select 'Microsoft Office'; # Select 'Microsoft Word'.

Open it by microsoft office picture manager. To get microsoft office picture manager, install any version of microsoft office.

No, you can't install MS office for android tablets. -Dora

Yes. You will need an office suite that supports Microsoft's file formats, though. OpenOffice should be highly compatible. Koffice is also compatible to a lesser extent. As a final option, it is possible to install Microsoft Office itself using Wine.

Not, likely. You are better off finding Microsoft office for windows.

The installation on Microsoft Office is an easy process. After inserting the disc in any computer drive, simply click on the "Install button that appears on screen.

open Microsoft Office word 2007 always re-install Microsoft office 2007

To reinstall Microsoft office, you must have the original disk your computer came with that includes Microsoft Office. Just pop the disk in and re-install the software.

Some will, if you install Mono. By default, most Linux distributions do not include support for them, though.

Microsoft does not develop Visual Studio for Linux - the closest available thing is MonoDevelop. It looks and acts similar to VS, and can be found in most distribution repositories

Not unless you want to use the software. In that case you will need Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac which you will have to purchase. You can also install the free alternative Open Office for Mac.

Anytime. However it is extremely expensive. It cost me £700 to buy 9 programs (Microsoft office ultimate)

No, you can buy and install Outlook as a separate application.

Microsoft Office is not an operating system, it is an office suite that is often, although not exclusively, run on a computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Other operating systems are Mac OS and Linux.

You have to buy Microsoft Office Word 2007 and install it into your computer.

Download Office 2010 from the Microsoft site and use the PKC to install it on your PC.

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