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well 1st thing u do is open the trunk. and on the panel where the lights sit that whole back comes off, there shud be a couple of screws. once u have that platsic panel off there shud be 3 bolts, so that the center metal part not the center light but the underneath part, u need to take that out 1st so that the center light can come off. Other then that its basically unscrewin bolts 3 for each light i belive and puttin the other ones becarefulll on the wiring because the lights have different pockets then the stock ones so wehn u takle them make sure u know where ur running lighte is and ur brake like, rememebr that the middle circle light is the runng is the running light and the lights on the corner r the blinkers which makes the light closest to the center piece the brake lights. hope i helped

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:50:15
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Q: How do you install Nissan 240sx clear chrome taillights?
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