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Firstly, i would use NTFS, its more stable, more secure, and doesnt have FAT in the title. The easiest way to do it would be to connect only one drive at a time, install windows on each, then plug them both in together and see which one it boots to, which ever one that is, i would then download a boot loader suck as LILO for windows, and install it on that drive, this will enable you to choose which ever windows installation to boot into.

2006-08-03 11:04:48
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How do you open a zip folder?

you need a Windows PC with Windows XP or you need to install WinZip or similar program, then you just double click on the folder

How do you install wizards 101?

To install wizard 101, you first download it from, and then you double-click the wizard101setup.exe icon on the download window. You then follow the install instructions, and double click the wizard 101 icon on the desktop to play! this is for windows, not mac.

What program file must be excuted to install the backup utility in Windows XP Home Edition?

By default, Windows XP Home Edition does not automatically install the Backup utility. To install manually, go to the \VALUEADD\MSFT\NETBACKUP folder on your Windows XP setup CD and double-click NTbackup.msi. The installation wizard will complete the installation.

What program file must you execute to install the Backup utility in Windows XP Home Edition?

By default, Windows XP Home Edition does not automatically install the Backup utility. To install manually, go to the \VALUEADD\MSFT\NETBACKUP folder on your Windows XP setup CD and double-click NTbackup.msi. The installation wizard will complete the installation.

Windows vista how can you play diablo 2?

Windows Vista can play Diablo 2 with no problems at all. Just install it normally and double click it and play, no harder than that.

How do you install Wine on Fedora?

su -c 'yum install wine' That command will install it. You can also do this from the package manager (Applications>system>add/remove software), and search for wine. Once wine is installed, you will be able to double-click many windows applications (exe's) and run them as though you were running them on windows.

How do you install adobe Photoshop?

You need installation package. For Windows computers package have .exe on the end. Double click it to begin installation.

What is enough disk space for Windows?

It depends on which version of Windows. Windows Vista requires around 8GB of install space, Windows XP requires around 2.5GB. Older versions such as 98 and 2000 only need around 200-500MB. Windows 95 can install in only 50Mb of hard disk space. Ideally, you would need to double these figures just to get a useful system up and running.

How do you install Photoshop?

You must have installation files which ends with .exe extension for Windows computers, just double click that file and follow instructions.

How do you install Photoshop software?

First you need installation package, for Windows it ends with .exe double click it and follow instructions that appears on screen.

How do you use Microsoft Word on Mac?

Depending upon what you mean: You double click on the Word icon to launch the software and then start typing into a document. or You install the Word:Mac software (See links below) and run as above. or You install Windows on your Mac and run the Windows version of Word.

Install flv splitter?

Double click on the file. Use "Select the program from a list" and then "Browse". Browse to "Windows\System32" and select "regsvr32.exe".

What are the Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows Over Single Glazed Windows?

insulation value is much greater in double glazed windows. Double glazed windows filters the light and gives a cooler atmosphere.

You get the error message while installing MS office Enterprise 2007 The windows installer service cannot update one or more protected windows files?

1. From Windows install disk, or c:\i386 that may have been set up in an OEM install, open (Double click) on the FP40EXT.CAB file. It should open. 2. find fp4autl.dll in the list 3. double click and select extract to c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\40\bin 4. Restart the 2007 office install

Why do you need double glazed windows?

Well you don't have to have double glazed windows but if you want to keep Heskey out i suggest you do.

The partener in creating the double helix?


Why do you get so much condensation on your double glazed windows?

you are so stupid this is COMPUTER windows not house windows!

How do double Glazed windows work?

Double glazed windows work by letting light through, while blocking the movement of heat. By doing this, your windows are turned into great insulators.

Double hung windows do not have?


How do you Install Windows XP mode on Windows 7?

Windows XP Mode comes part of Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. To use Windows XP Mode, you need to download and install Windows XP Mode, which is a fully licensed version of Windows XP with Service Pack 3. You also need to download and install Windows Virtual PC, which is the program that runs virtual operating systems on your computer.When you install a program in Windows XP Mode, the program becomes available for use in both Windows XP Mode and Windows 7To download and install Windows XP Mode1. Go to the Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC website, and then click Get Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC now.2. Under Select your edition of Windows 7 and desired language for installation in step 2, click the Select system drop-down list, and then click the edition of Windows 7 you're currently running.3. Click the Select language drop-down list, and then click the language you want to use.4. Under Download and install Windows XP Mode, click Windows XP Mode.To find out which edition of Windows 7 you're running, click the Start button, right-click Computer, and then click Properties. The edition of Windows 7 you're running is listed under Windows edition (and 32-bit and 64-bit information appears under System, next to System type).5. Click Open to install the program immediately; or click Save to save the installation file to your computer, double-click the file, and then click Run. We recommend clicking Save and keeping the file on your computer in case you ever need to reinstall Windows XP Mode.6. In the Welcome to Setup for Windows XP Mode dialog box, click Next.7. Choose the location for the virtual hard disk file that Windows XP Mode uses, or accept the default location, and then click Next.8. On the Setup Completed screen, click Finish.A step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 can be found at you've installed XP Mode, the video at how to install your older applications.

How do you install sims university into sims 2 double deluxe?

If you have installed double deluxe already, you should just be able to install university.

Are double-paned windows better than storm windows?

The type of windows that a person chooses depends on the persons preference of whether one is better than the other. However you can get both double panned windows and storm windows installed together.

What kind of windows should I buy if I live in Chicaco?

New double paned windows are probably the best for Chicago' colder weather. There are new double paned windows that have great insulation and durability to last.

What happen when you double click on any folder in windows xp?

Double clicking on a folder in Windows XP should open up a view of that folder's contents.

What happens when you double click an icon?

When You double click an icon in WIndows Xp it opens