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How do you install a 125 mercury outboard motor starter?

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Disconnect the battery cables at battery. Loosen and remove the nut securing the lead from the solenoid to the starter.The starter assembly is fastened to the powerhead with four bolts, two top, and two at the bottom of the starter. Make note of any ground wires connected to these mounting bolts, they will need to be refastened. Also, note position of starter before removal to facilitate installation.Remove mounting bolts and starter assembly, note the "L" shaped, top end cap, of starter. Remove the two rubber dampners from slots on upper end cap of old starter, install in the replacement unit. Slide the upper and lower rubber mounts off old starter and install on new one. Orient new starter so that the point of the upper end cap fits into corrosponding "V" notch in the engine block, ( this will hold starter securely in place, and prevent it from rotating out of position ). Install mounting bolts, ( don't forget your ground wires ), and tighten evenly. Reattach the starter lead, and secure with nut. Reconnect the battery cables, tighten securly.

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