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Ha it's your lucky day, I just redid the entire clutch system for my 86 Nissan. The clutch on the 86 uses hydraulics so you have two cylinders you'll have to deal with. There's a master cylinder underneath the hood behind the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. It has it's own reservoir so it's hard to miss. First you will need to get under the dashboard and disengage the pedal from the cylinder, you will see a bar attached to the pedal by a pin which goes through the pedal and the bar. The pin has a clevis pin in it to lock it in place, you should be able to pull the clevis pin out with a pair of pliers without trouble, then knock the other pin out. This next bit is optional, but I had to cut off the line going from the master to the slave cylinder, you might not have to, though you will need it out of the way to get the master cylinder off. You will need a socket wrench to get the cylinder off, one with an extension so you can get the socket to the bolts, they're 14mm I believe, it helps to remove the reservoir as well, though I suggest bleeding the line before you do. If you cut the line attached to the master cylinder you'll need to unscrew the other end of the line from the hub it's attached to on the right side of the car that hooks up with the line to the slave cylinder. The slave cylinder is bolted to the transmission, unbolt it and disconnect the hose attached to it. If you haven't bled the line already make sure you have a pan underneath the hose to catch the brake fluid. Buy your replacements, and install by reversing the above directions. Put in new break fluid and bleed the line. You might need to fiddle with the slave cylinder and the transmission once you've got everything installed so the slave cylinder's arm can pop into place properly.

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Q: How do you install a 1986 Nissan clutch?
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