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Having just bought a 2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor myself, I googled the question. Here is a great site- '' Also, Google or eBay "DIN tools" for the $5 part that you need to easily remove the factory radio. Here's one site- '' Hope this helps.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-24 04:55:38
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Q: How do you install a 2003 factory Crown Victoria radio?
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Which fuse in the fuse panel is for the radio on a Crown Victoria?

Which fuse for radio crown vic

How do you remove the factory radio in a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria?

there should be two holes, vertically, on each side of the radio, you can make a tool out of a coat hanger to stick into each side, when you have placed your homemade radio tool into the holes, simultaneously, you should be able to pull the factory radio out

Can I install aftermarket speakers with a factory radio?

You can install aftermarket speakers with a factory radio, but if you're not good with car electronics you may want to have someone else install them for you.

Why wont aftermarket radio power on in 2004 crown Victoria?

The radio is not getting power, or it is malfunctioning (not working) - make sure that BOTH power leads have power AND the factory fuse is not blown (or overloaded).

How do you install an aftermarket radio in a 1995 crown Victoria?

What kind of aftermacket radio are you trying to put in? If you would like you can call me at 517 230 8978 and ask for adam. if you can bring the car to me i can help you install it or walk you hrough it for small fee. thanks

How to install an amp to a factory radio of a 2012 dodge ram 1500?

To install an amp to a factory radio of a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500, ensure that the amp bypass the harnesses.

Can you install an amp on a factory radio of a 06 Impala?


What radio can you install on a 1997 Harley Davidson Electra Glide?

you can install a factory radio if you can find one or you can order a direct replacement from a company called biketronics you can find them on line at it is a better radio than the factory one

Will 2008 Ford Crown Victoria radio wire harness fit a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria radio?

NO, not in my experience. The 2010 Crown Vic factory harness is wider that the harness that would connect to the OEM wiring in the 2008 Crown Vic. I am currently awaiting a replcement that according to a Crutchfield rep. should work.. After I described the configuration of the pins in the factory harness, he stated that it sounds like it is just the regular adapter that fits some of the 2010 and up Ford products, but I didn't show up on the Crutchfield website as being a mate to the 2010 Crown vic since they only listed harnesses for up to a 2008 Model Crown Vic.

Do you have a diagram of a fuse box for a 1989 crown Victoria? any car audio web page will have diagrams

What is the wiring diagram for a 2007 ford crown Victoria radio?

The link I posted has a chart with the diagram in it. (:

How do you remove the factory radio to unplug the antenna and install satellite radio wire?

you can't do it yourself you have to get help from a pro

Is it best to install a factory radio or after-market radio in my vehicle?

Factory radios are made especially for certain vehicles and there fore mesh better with your cars system.

Where can you find the radio color codes for a ford crown Victoria?

if it was me i go to junk yard fine your car and cut the radio wiers out then match them up

You tried to replace fuse for radio in 97 crown Victoria but it keeps blowing..everything else works but radio and interior lights whats the problem?

A radio fuse might keep blowing if the radio itself needs an inline fuse in a 1997 Crown Victoria. It is possible that the radio and interior lights are not grounded properly. Installing an inline fuse between the radio and the fuse box may solve the problem of the fuse blowing.

How do you remove the factory radio on a 1996 Police Interceptor?

Go to They can provide you with detailed instructions for almost any vehicle. Tisk tisk, stealing a cop car radio..... When you say police interceptor, i assume you mean a Ford Crown Victoria. You'll need a radio removal kit sold at local walmarts and car audio stores.

What is wiring diagram schematic for radio on 1994 lhs with factory amplifier and install instructions for after market radio i get power but no sound?

get on internet: for wiring diagram

Why won't my jaquar xj6 car start after installing a radio?

If the radio is a factory install, then it is connected w/ the alarm, changing it requires some technical advice

Where can you find a radio wiring harness diagram for a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria LX?

Best Buy can order one for you, or you can go on

When was Victoria Radio Network created?

Victoria Radio Network was created on 1971-03-03.

How do you remove the factory stereo from a 2008 f250?

Do yourself a favor. If you are planning to install an aftermarket radio, buy yourself a radio wiring hardness that will fit into the factory wiring hardness. It will cost under $20.00. And it will save you lost of headaches in the future. No short, or problems...Radio RemovalCheck related link below

How do you install CD player into a dodge caravan?

See page 3 or 4 of this list and you will find how to remove an old factory radio from a 95.

How do you install a new stereo in a 98 Chevy Malibu?

Pull out the ashtray and pop out the panel covering your stock radio, a/c, & tape player. It just snaps out. Unscrew the 2 screws holding the factory radio in. Install your after-market radio and pop the cover panel back on. Seems almost to easy right?

How do you install a radio in a 93' Ford Thunderbird?

how do install a radio in my ford thunderbird?

How do you install an aftermarket stereo in a 2003 Montana?

To install an aftermarket stereo in a 2003 Montana you need to first buy a trim plate or a mounting bracket. Remove the dash panel. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery. Remove the factory stereo. Unplug the factory wiring harness from the radio. Connect the new radio. Test it and reassemble the dash. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.