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How do you install a 240v wall receptacle right next to the breaker box for a new welder?

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This is a very simple procedure, but the fact that you ask the question indicates you should get an electrican to do this simple job.

The installation is fairly simple. Its the calculations involved (for proper wire size, overcurrent protection size, etc) that require some electrical knowledge.

I'm no expert on welders, but I know they can pull some massive amperage.

Leave this one to the pros, or you could very easily cook your house.

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Can a treadmill that runs on 15 amps work on a circuit breaker that is 20 amps?

From a 20 amp breaker, the circuit wires to the 20 amp receptacle must be #12 wires. As long as the receptacle is rated at 20 amps and the receptacle has a T slot on the right hand blade side, you are good to go. Most likely the treadmill plug has a parallel blade configuration.

How do you know if you have a 110v 20amp outlet?

A couple of ways, shut the receptacle off at the breaker panel. If the circuit becomes de energized then look on the end of the breaker handle, if it says 20 then it is a 20 amp circuit. Another way is to take the protective cover off of the wall outlet and read the data off of the receptacle It will tell you the rating of the receptacle. The outlet should be wired with a #12 copper wire. The left side of the receptacle will have a vertical straight blade opening (neutral) and the right side (hot) might have a T slot or a horizontal blade opening.

The hot wire on a 3 prong receptacle?

The hot wire on a 3 prong receptacle is on the right hand side when you face the receptacle straight on.

Can you use 50 amp wire and receptacle on dyer?

It's necessary to look at the dyer to see how much current it uses, which should be on the maker's plate near where the cable enters the appliance. If it uses less than 50 amps, a 50 amp cable is all right.

What do you do when your air conditioner trips the breaker when it kicks on?

Try adding a cercuit breaker right on the AC.

Is the welder salary the right way to go or are there others?

If you want to be a welder, there are many different types of welding jobs available. Depending on what level you are, the wages will vary. For example as an entry level you would look at an average of $34,369/year. As an intermediate welder you would average $39,861, and as a senior welder you would average $46,974.

How can you change a 2-prong outlet to a 3-prong outlet?

I assume you mean a standard (15 or 20-amp) outlet and are not trying to make a 220 connection for a stove, dryer or air conditioner. If that's what you want, forget it. You would need to run more and heavier wires and install a different shape of outlet and a different circuit protector. Otherwise, most people just hook up the two wires to the new outlet and ignore the second ground connector. Of course, then they don't have the safety feature of a second ground, and this would be unsafe and possibly illegal. To do it right, you need to have your electrician run a third wire from the second ground back to the grounding bar in the breaker box, or install GFCI protection. The National Electrical Code (NEC) 406.3(D)(3) allows this without a third (grounding) wire, but only IF you install a GFCI receptacle to replace the 2-prong receptacle, or install a GFCI circuit breaker for that circuit, and mark the outlets "GFCI Protected" and "No Equipment Ground".

What is the life expectancy of a welder?

The life expectancy of a welder is their exsperince, faith & way of life. No job takes life faster than others, god determines this only. You can be the safest welder in the world but, a tree could still be blown by the wind which falls right on the safest!

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse located on a 1996 Mazda Miata?

The one you most likely can't find is right on the back of the fuse receptacle. It's a fusible link and requires you to replace the receptacle.

Can you use a voltage converter on a air conditioner that is 220 your out let is110?

No, you cannot. I mean theoretically you could install a step up transformer, but this would be super expensive and would cause more problems then it would solve. Here is two options you can do to solve the issue. 1. Have an electrician pull a new 220 volt circuit to that location. I do not recommend doing it yourself, however if you do start by checking the amp rating on the ac then check a wire ampacity chart to see what gauge of wire is required for that amp draw. If you go to home depot or Lowe's you can tell them your amp draw and they will tell you the size of wire required. Purchase wire, double pole breaker with the correct amp rating, staples, a junction box, and either a receptacle and cover plate or a cable that will hook directly into the ac. If this is a large ac you will also need to install a disconnect within site of the AC. If you install a disconnect you will not need a junction box. Pull the cable from the panel to the ac. If you don't know anything about electricity don't do it. If you touch certain parts of the panel you could get a nasty shock. Install the wire into the disconnect or junction box and connect it to the ac. The cable must be inside the walls or attic if it is exposed you will need to put it inside conduit. Next connect the cable to the breaker and if you did it right you should be in good shape. 2. If the outlet is a dedicated outlet meaning that it is the only receptacle or electrical device on that circuit you may be able to do something that is much cheaper and easier. If you have confirmed that it is a dedicated circuit the next thing to do is check the amp draw of the ac and compare it to the wire gauge ran to the receptacle. Your wire gauge must meet or exceed the amp draw of the unit. If the above requirement are met you will need to purchase a double pole breaker with the correct amp rating and a 220 recept and cover plate. Now turn off the power to that circuit and change out the receptacle. Next, go to the panel. BE CAREFUL. Again if you don't know what your doing don't work in the panel. Pull out the breaker that goes to that receptacle. Then find the neutral for that circuit. A Neutral is typically white double check to make sure it's the right one in the same circuit as the wire connected to the breaker. After making sure disconnect the neutral from the neutral bar and connect both wires to the new double pole breaker. Congratulations you now have 220 to that outlet. If in doubt call an electrician.

How do you install virtutools?

you right click and hit the install button

Why do two circuit breakers control the same circuit 120 volts on all devices in circuit?

Circuit breakers are like fuses that you can reset. There is no need for two though because they do the same job as one, which is to open the circuit as soon as the voltage that is being called for by all the devices becomes greater than the 120v you mentioned. <<>> It sounds to me like you are talking about a three wire split receptacle On kitchen counter plugs and sometimes other locations the electrical code requires that split receptacles be installed. This request came about by people trying to plug too many appliances into one 15 amp circuit. The circuit not being able to carry the load and constantly tripping the breaker. On a split receptacle the tie bar is removed on the hot side (brass) of the receptacle but not on the neutral (silver) side. The red wire is connected to the top brass screw, the black wire is connected to the bottom brass screw and the white (neutral) wire is connected to the other side of the receptacle The rating of the breaker in the panel will be, 2 pole 15 amp. What this gives you is 2 separate 120 volt 15 amp circuits on one receptacle If the voltage was measured between the two hot slots on the right side of the receptacle top and bottom you would measure 240 volts. This voltage would only be 240 if the breaker feeding the receptacle was full size 2 pole and not mini breakers.

What do plug-ins do?

they make it so you can plug in lights for decorations. That is called a receptacle, not a plugin, right?

Can you put a 20amp water pump and a 30 amp water heater on a 50amp breaker?

No, they each need their own breaker of the right amp. Neither of them would cause the breaker to trip if there was a problem.

Why do you convert 120v circuits to 220v circuits?

You would need to change a circuits voltage if your adding a load that requires 220 when the present circuit supplies 120. If you need to do so it's pretty simple! First purchase a double pole breaker at the proper amp rating. Next find the breaker in the panel that supplies power to the circuit you wish to change to 220. Turn off the breaker and pull it out. Find the neutral for that circuit. Then double check and make sure it's the right neutral. Then check one more time. Now take the neutral and the hot wire for that circuit and connect them to the double pole breaker. install the breaker into the panel and turn it on. If you connected the right neutral you'll have 220 on that circuit. If you didn't you'll know because you'll trip the breaker.

How do you convert a 120V receptacle to a 240V receptacle for an air conditioner that uses 240V?

A "110" volt outlet cannot be converted to a "230" volt outlet. A 230 volt outlet requires a new wire run to the outlet rated for the appliance you plan on plugging into it. Example an airconditioner that requires a 220 volt 20 amp circuit would have to have a 12/3 w/ground wire run to handle the load. The three wire are usually black,red,white. Black is for 1 120 volt line, red is for another 120 volt line and white is for neutral. On a standard 120 volt outlet there are 2 colored wires (black and whtie) and a bare ground. It's not an easy solution, but it is the only proper solution.

1994 ford thunderbird lx 3.8 serpentine belt install. Wheres the best place to grab the tensioner?

If memory serves me right, I believe it is the 16 mm bolt that you grab with a socket and a long breaker bar.

How do you install a ucbrowser in G right C701?

the answer is that. You can't install a uc browser in G right C701 because there is no jawa program in G right C701 in that case you can't install a uc browser of any thing which releted to the jawa program, that the answer.

Can you replace a westinghouse breaker with a GE breaker?

Only if the form factor and specifications are the same. Usually, if it fits and mates with the panel and is the right current and voltage rating, you are okay.

Can you tie a 12-2 electrical outlet into a outlet that is currently wired with 14-2?

Yes you "can"...I'm assuming the home run to your panel is on a 14 awg wire, and runs off a 15a breaker. You can come off of that receptacle to another with a 12 awg wire, because the 12 can handle the capacity of the 15a circuit. (to do this in reverse would create a fire hazard...14ga wire coming off a 20a breaker...because the circuit's capacity could exceed the capacity of the smaller ga wire, causing it to overheat). Make sure you put a 15a receptacle there, not a 20. What you want to do would not be unsafe. BUT...its not the right way to do it. You or the next homeowner could believe the circuit could handle more seeing the larger capacity conduit, and put a 20a receptacle there or believe that circuit can handle a larger appliance. This wouldn't be dangerous either, but would result in constant tripping of the 15a circuit breaker. It's also something an inspector investigating a house fire DOESN'T want to see. If you're going to do it yourself, do it right....go buy some more 14-2 conduit.

Have 110volt refrigerator on a 30 amp breaker is that right?

Check the MFG for the amps it uses, if it is suppose to be on a regular 20amp line, then replace the breaker with a 20amp breaker. With the 30amp breaker,it will work, but if there is a surge, you could send too much power to the appliance and fry it. Most refrigerators, are just on a regular 120v household outlet. Besides a 30amp breaker must have 10ga wire, if the wire is 12ga,it can not be attached to a 30amp breaker.

What are the release dates for Breaker High - 1997 Two Seans Don't Make a Right - 1.23?

Breaker High - 1997 Two Seans Don't Make a Right - 1.23 was released on: USA: 5 November 1997

How do you install answers bar?

I have Answers.ext. How do I install Answer Bar, the slide bar at the lower right of the screen.

How do you install a 3-wire 220v welder outlet directly beneath a 125 amp subpanel in your garage 300 amp service to house 4 15A and 3 20A circuits currently in subpanel?

You'll want this on its own breaker. If there isn't a free breaker slot in your box, you're already in trouble - you'll have to consolidate two single breakers into a dual. If there is a free slot or two, you're in luck. Go to Home Depot or Lowe's. Ask the helpful guy in the electrical aisle which breaker you'll need and ask him to help you select the right wire. I could explain exactly what you need, but it'll be better to get that info on-site. Get all the tips you can on installation from the guy at the store - they get constant training on this stuff. Buy what he recommends. Then go home and do it. Alternatively, you could hire a professional electrician.

Where is the main breaker location on a 1995 Harley Davidson soft tail?

The main (30 amp) breaker is located on the plastic rear fender extension, toward the right side.