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How do you install a 240v wall receptacle right next to the breaker box for a new welder?

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2015-07-15 21:37:35
2015-07-15 21:37:35

This is a very simple procedure, but the fact that you ask the question indicates you should get an electrican to do this simple job.

The installation is fairly simple. Its the calculations involved (for proper wire size, overcurrent protection size, etc) that require some electrical knowledge.

I'm no expert on welders, but I know they can pull some massive amperage.

Leave this one to the pros, or you could very easily cook your house.

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From a 20 amp breaker, the circuit wires to the 20 amp receptacle must be #12 wires. As long as the receptacle is rated at 20 amps and the receptacle has a T slot on the right hand blade side, you are good to go. Most likely the treadmill plug has a parallel blade configuration.

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A couple of ways, shut the receptacle off at the breaker panel. If the circuit becomes de energized then look on the end of the breaker handle, if it says 20 then it is a 20 amp circuit. Another way is to take the protective cover off of the wall outlet and read the data off of the receptacle It will tell you the rating of the receptacle. The outlet should be wired with a #12 copper wire. The left side of the receptacle will have a vertical straight blade opening (neutral) and the right side (hot) might have a T slot or a horizontal blade opening.

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The hot wire on a 3 prong receptacle is on the right hand side when you face the receptacle straight on.

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It's necessary to look at the dyer to see how much current it uses, which should be on the maker's plate near where the cable enters the appliance. If it uses less than 50 amps, a 50 amp cable is all right.

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