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How do you install a CD player in a 1995 Lumina?


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2015-07-16 18:57:46
2015-07-16 18:57:46

There are some screws you have to remove from the lower dash (where your legs are). I believe there are a couple more in the dash itself. (If you have a trunk release button look out dont just rip it out) To make things easier leave your door open, put the car in 1st, then start prying on the dash in front of you. After the dash is off and out of the way there will be some bolts holding the stock radio in place, remove them, and then there will be the wiring harness, disconnect that. there will be the antennae hook up, remove that. Then comes the fun part. I bought a Pioneer CD player and it hooked right up, and if it doesnt you will get to rewire into a new harness from the old one, or take it to a professional.



1. Open The Door

2. Remove The Cover Above The Drivers Legs, One Phillips Screw On Either Side

3. Remove The Trim Surrounding The Dimmer Switch, Cluster, Radio, Climate Control. Snap Out With Standard Screwdriver

4. There Are Two Bolts, One On Each Side Of The Radio Holding It In, Un-Screw, Then Remove The Radio Carefully You Have A Wiring Harness And Antenna Attached Very Snugly In The Back.

5. Install New Radio And Mounting Kit.

6. Follow Steps In Reverse Order


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