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If I'm not mistaken there are four screws in the casing where the current stock stereo is that need to be removed. Two on top and two on bottom. You'll see them if you hold you head down low and look up.

When you buy the new stereo you should make sure that you also get the adapter for that make and model of car. It should be as simple as unclip the old and reclip the new. Just make sure that the wires match color and position. If not you may have to make a few snips and use some electrical tape, but I don't think that should be the case.

Mine was already in when I bought the car so I'm not sure exactly about the procedure, but I've had to take it out to fix the wiring to the rear speakers and it wasn't very difficult.


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Were can I buy a throttle cable for a 97 geo metro

They sure are. Metro rear windows were the same from 1989 - 1994 and 1995 - 2000. Hope this helps.

It depends on the size of your engine.

I know mine is under the hood and I have a 97 geo metro so you may want to start there.

Most auto parts stores have wiring diagrams for a 97 Geo Metro. This includes wiring diagrams for the brake light, head lights, and much more.

A 97 Geo Metro that cranks but gets no spark is not getting enough power to the ignition coil or the coil itself is bad. The coil use the 12 volts of power provided by the battery and alternator to generate a very powerful spark.

It's either under the dash by your left knee or down on the drivers side kickpanel.

mostly, yes. however Chevy bought GEO in 97 so there may be a few mods to the '98 it really depends on which parts you are referring

Those seals are where the axle's slide into the transmission.....2 differant sizes left and right.

the electrical diagram is in the book... buy a service manual or a chilton's book

same as the coil located inside the car underneath the dash drivers side.

On a 96 it is just in front of the drivers rear tire, in front of the gas tank along the side of the unibody frame

89-94 are the same and 96-97 are the other style. 95 is a split year (the vin # of the change is available by asking a parts store for 95 parts. Late 95 interchanges. Basically if it looks like it fits it does.

most probably because of low compression and the cylinders load up with fuel or your pressure regulator is pooched

Get the manual (now available for 89-97 Metros) and follow the step by step instructions. I'm waiting for the manual to arrive.

How do install belts to a 97 deville?

you must remove the entire rocker arm assembly... inside each rocker is a little button lifter. that's the ones to be replaced... To set the entire rocker assembly back in place, you will need 4-5 hands to squeeze the springs and position the rockers over the valves

i have a 97 geo tracker and get 32 miles to the gallon

I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER TO THE "GEO'S NOT STARTING WHEN HOT ISSUE"!!!!! I have found out because of my geo that its a common problem that Geo's (all Geo's) wont start when they get hot... This is because of a computer chip issue (most the time) and the fix is to install a new computer --- The trick to NOT having to install a new computer that will just do the same thing to you IS...... Just remove the computer from where it is (in my 97 Geo Metro its behind the glove box) and set somewhere cool (like on the floor board!) so it doesn't get as hot.... Done this on 3 cars with the same problem and now they START EVERYTIME, Hot or cold!!! EASY, VERY CHEAP FIX, Just need tools, and time!

typically it is done around 100,000 miles. If it doesn't have a sealed transmission (which the metro doesnt) you should change the fluid.

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