How do you install a C High Tone horn in a 86 Cavalier w no airbags?

Underneath the hood on the driver's side is a power suppy box. Leaving the box are several wire. Look for a dark green wire. This wire connects to the horn. Follow that wire until you reach its end. Cut of the end and attach a female blade connector. From there attach the connector on the metal peice leaving the horn (the horn isn't polarity concsious). On the other metal blade leaving the horn, attach the ground connector that was supplied with the new horn. On disc shape horns the ground wire connects to a metal piece on the horn. While on other horns it connects on the bracket attached to the horn (Disc horn screw on top of horn to attach g.c. is crowned, and can't be removed). Underneath the car on the driver's side by the wheel is where the horn goes. You see a 2 holes to attach the horn. One for the horn itself, the other for the g.c.

NOTE: If the horn isn't getting power, test to see if the horn works, to do this get a positive jumper cable and attach it to the car battery, the other end to the horn (not ground).