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How do you install a GMC Jimmy corner parking light?


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Haven't done one on my '97 Bravada, but I would start by looking under and behind the bumper to which the light is mounted. I would say it's 75% likely that the bulb is connected into a grommet or fitting that simply twists or snaps into the back of the housing. (Kinda like most newer headlights are configured). Sounds simple, a little poking around will probably let you figure it out.

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Remove the connector from the back of your 2003 Cadillac parking light assembly. Take hold of the lightbulb, push in and turn at the same time to remove it. Reverse the process to install the new parking lightbulb.

Read the manual for your car, or ask the guy at Autozone, when you buy the light. They can often be a good source of info.

There is a single screw above each front parking light assembly. You will need a 7mm socket to remove the screw. After the screw is removed, simply pull on the assembly from the back corner and pull straight forward.

The parking light is in the headlight assy.

To replace the rear corner lights on a 1998 Acura CL open the trunk. Find the brake light housing and disconnect the bulb. Install the new bulb.

To replace front parking light on a 1999 Ford Taurus, lift the hood and remove the bolt holding the parking light housing cover. Twist the parking light off and replace with a new one.

To get to the parking light assembly, it's easiest to remove the headlight assembly. Open the hood. There are two metal bars just above the headlight assembly. Turn them towards you to unlock, then pull straight up. Remove the headlight assembly by pulling it towards you. Remove the bulbs (be careful not to touch the bulbs as grease from your fingers can make them blow prematurely). Set the headlight assembly aside. The parking light assembly has a hook on the outer edge, just behind the corner light. Farther to the center is another gray hook with a release. Press the release towards the corner light while pulling slightly on the assembly. Once released, swivel the light outwards to release the corner hook. Remove the light sockets and you're finished.

To replace the parking light bulbs, remove the screw on top of the headlight and pop out the clearance light. The parking light bulb will be accessible after this removal.

The 1989 Toyota Camry parking light fuse can be found in the fuse box. The parking light fuse will be in the first column, second from the bottom.

I tapped into the parking light wire harness both (+) and (-) and it works and looks great!


how do i change a parking light bulb on a 2003 hyunadi accent

Parking lamps are also known as parking lights most likely found on a car. The service parking lamp can be a light that the comes one when a parking light is burned out.

Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights

The parking brake light stay lit on the 1999 Mitsubishi Montero sport the parking brake is working and you have not put the light off.

Remove the headlight assembly and you will have access to the parking light bulb.

The parking light stays on how am I sure the parking brakes are not on

No , the brake light should come on when you press the parking brake pedal , but the ABS light should not come on

The parking brake light comes on when you engage the parking brake. Pull the parking brake release handle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the brake light also comes on if the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder is low ( in your engine compartment )

Be a little flexible with your fingers and hand, open the hood and remove the socket and bulb from the backside of the headlight/corner lamp housing.

Look up the factory fog light instructions (Same set up) . The only difference is that you are placing them in the corner vents and not popping out bottom grill.

My o/s parking lamp will not light, but, the indicator light is on instead, where do i change the bulb and how do i do this? BMW x5 2003

The are two Phillips head screws below the parking light assembly that are attached to the splash guard, remove the two screws and then parking light assembly should pull out from the header panel.

In the engine compartment right on the back side of the corner light there is a ring with a spring that hooks to a tab. Unhook the ring and the corner light slides out

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