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How do you install a Hp Printer 6310 on your computer software is windows 98. How do you get the right amount of colors on computer?

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I would go to the HP site and by clicking on printers it should direct you to the printer 6310 by following their instructions. It should give you the answers you are seeking. Anytime I am going to put anything new on my computer I go to the site of the company and read as much as I can and then proceed with the download of software and follow the instructions as they come up. I would close all programs running before the download. This will save you possible problems and make things go alot easier. Good luck.

2006-08-04 06:12:00
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Is a Microsoft Windows 7 considered hardware or software?

Windows 7 is software because you install it on the computer. Hardware is physical and you can touch it with your fingers. EG printer. A printer is hardware because you can touch it.

Which type of Windows home software easiest to install on a mac computer?

Any of the windows vista programs are perfect for the mac computer and are easy to install.

How do you install lexmark 1200 printer into windows 2000 professional?

I have downloaded the disk from lexmark 1200 and I get the answer "computer and printer do not connect"?

What do printer drivers do?

Printer drivers - are small programs that enable the operating software (eg Windows) to recognise that the printer is attached to the computer. They literally allow the printer and computer to 'talk' to each other.

How do you install a Lexmark 300 series printer to a computer with Windows Vista?

I recommend not to plug the printer to your computer yet. Insert the installation CD that came with the printer in your computer. Run the software. It will also show you instructions on how to setup the printer itself. Follow the instructions. If you don't have the installation CD, you can download the updated driver from the Lexmark website Hope this helps.

Can you download the zune software to 2010 iMac?

Not without installing Windows on your Mac. You can use Macintosh Boot Camp or Parallels to install Windows on a Macintosh computer. Remember, once you install Windows on Mac you must into install security software for that Windows partition.

How do you install a Lexmark 1200 series printer to a computer with Windows Vista Home Basic?

With computer shut down plug in the printer. Cut the computoer on and it should detect the printer. Follow the instructions.

How do you register the printer to your computer?

Most computers will 'auto-detect' a printer when it's plugged into a USB port. Windows software includes drivers for most printers, and will install the correct driver for the printer it detects. If it doesn't find a relevant driver - it will ask for an installation disk.

They bought you a canon printer and it did not come with a CD Rom you want to know how to download it so that you can use your printer?

look on the website under support & drivers section. you should be able to do a search for the printer model you require and select which windows version you are using and download the correct driver. plug the power and usb cables into the printer and computer and then you can run the software you downloaded. more than likely, the computer will find the printer automatically when you plug all the cables in, then you can tell the computer when it asks where you saved the download and the software will install.

How do you install a Lexmark 1200 series printer to a computer with Windows Vista?

Here's what you are looking for, just open the link in the related links section, and select the printer you have.

Can one upgrade from Windows Vista or XP to Windows 7?

Yes, you can certainly upgrade a Windows Vista or XP to a Windows 7 based on the capability of the computer and software. You would have to install a special Windows software for the upgrade.

Is a canon i550 printer compatible with Windows Vista Home Basic?

The i550 drive is ALREADY installed in windows vista! Just plug your printer into the computer and turn on your printer. This action will activate the install, and will be ready to use within a minute.

How do you install new windows XP software onto an old computer with a older version of windows xp on it?

i think when you do the install, windows itself will check what you have and look for updates, it will give you the missing components

How do you share windows XP network printer with Windows 7?

I am sharing a Dell Photo AIO Printer 926 running on an XP computer with a computer on the network running Windows 7. When I started, the printer was already installed and working on the XP computer and set up to be shared on the network. Then I ran the 926 printer installation disk (the disk that came with the printer) on the Windows 7 computer. At some point it asked me if the printer was connected to another computer on the network. When I answered "yes" it asked for the name of the other computer on the network and the shared name of the printer. After I answered those questions it proceeded to "install" the printer as if it was connected to the Windows 7 machine and it works perfectly. I was surprised that worked, after having tried many times (unsuccessfully) to connect to it by installing new drivers on the Windows 7 computer. So I would suggest using the printer installation disk on the Windows 7 computer. If you do not have the disk I would suggest trying to get one from the printer manufacturer.

How To Install Printers In An Office?

Installing any type of new computer hardware in an office can be quite the chore, as many offices have dozens of computers, some of which are running different software and operating systems. Printers can be particularly difficult. Here are a few tips to help you know how to install a printer in your office.First of all, remember that you may not need the software included with a printer. While many of the discs with printer software have names like Printer Install Disc and How To Install Your Printer, they often consist of unnecessary software that can clog up office PCs. Look online for your printer’s driver, which is a small file that helps windows computers recognize the printer. This is usually all that you need to get a printer to work with any of the PCs in an office.Find out whether you’re attaching the printer to a certain computer or to your office’s network, as this will make a big difference in how to install the printer properly. If the printer is attached to your network, you’ll need to follow the Windows or Mac OS installation wizard to locate the printer and allow access for each computer. These wizards are in their operating systems’ respective Printer configuration utilities. If you’re hooking the printer directly up to a computer, the computer should recognize that the printer has been attached, and it will guide you through the process to install the printer properly. Just be sure that you have the printer’s drivers on hand.When you install a printer in an office, you should take a few moments to make sure that all of the attached computers are set up to use the printer as a default, and if you’re worried about ink usage, make sure that their printing defaults are set to Black and White or Grayscale and Draft settings. This will greatly cut down on the amount of ink that the printer uses.Above all else, read the instructions included with your device to learn how to install a printer properly, but use common sense, too. You’ll avoid unnecessary steps like software installation, and you’ll complete the job quickly.

Is Windows software compatible with Apple computers?

Windows software is compatible with Apple Computers, but you must have Windows installed on your Mac to do so. If you have a Mac made after 2006, you are able to install Windows on your computer, and you can use a virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop to run Windows from your Mac.

Where can one find Canon printer drivers for the computer?

For a Mac, the answer is simple: Just plug the printer into the Mac and the computer will automatically download and install the latest drivers if you are connected to a network. For Windows, the basic printer drivers will be installed when you connect the printer to the computer, however to install the latest drivers you can download them from the Canon Download Centre by selecting your product, and it will display a list of drivers.

Where can you download drivers for your printer?

If you run into problems while installing a printer, or if you've added a printer but are unable to use it, you might need to install or update the printer driver so that it is compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Some drivers ship with Windows, are available through Windows Update, or are saved to your computer through the hardware installation process and are ready to install. In other cases, you'll need to install drivers using a CD or DVD provided by the printer manufacturer. To install these drivers, follow the steps for using the Printers folder. If the driver you need is not already stored on your computer or if you don't have a CD or DVD, try searching the printer manufacturer's website to see if you can download and install it from there.

Can a windows 7 printer work on windows 8 computer?

yes a printer will work on all versions of windows and macs

Is software a necessary part of a computer?

Yes it is. There is no use in having a computer if you have no software. That is why Windows comes with a few rudimentary applications, so new users can have something to do until they install software of their own choice.

What is an example of a computer software package?

any operating system that is purchased for install is an example of computer software. such as windows XP or Vista. The basic term package includes different programs associated with the software.

How do you make labels the apple computer?

Usually the Printer has the software so you would have to navigate in the printer options to find it.You usually have to have the software that came with the label maker as Apple (and Windows) does not have software to use a label maker. Some printers may have an option to print lables from a printer but usually you have to have the special paper with the software from the manufacturer.

Why does your computer want to install Windows when you want to access the internet?

If you have windows already in your computer then the window that you think is asking to install the windows might be of installing the updates or other functions about it. and if it is only asking to install windows then it is possible that might be virus messages to do not press or anything once run a system scan with an anti virus software.

How can one install a Canon printer without a CD?

To install a Canon printer without a CD there are many things that you can do. You can go online and look at a website, many websites now have instructions on what to do. Or if you are on Windows 7 all you need to do is plug in the printer and the software is found automatically through the internet.

Can a user install a printer without help from an administrator if they're trying to install a USB printer with drivers from Windows 7?